How to know what is really spam.

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    How do I know what is really spam? Some of the mail in spam box looks legitimate.
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    The vast and overwheliming amount of “infomation” curculating on the interent is spam. Over 80% of all so-called comments submitted to blogs on the domain every day are spam. There is robotic spam and there are human beings hired to create legitimate looking spam. In reality only 1 out of every 700 – 800 hits on my blogs produce a legitimate comment.

    1. Sometimes you can look at the username, email address and site link and immediately tell it’s spam. If the username is selling anything then is’s spam example ‘usedcarsinatlana’ it’s spam.
    2. If the comment does not directly pertain to the content in a post and/or it’s a generic “great post” it’s most likely spam.
    3. Anyone who says little about your blog except to praise it and requests you visit their site in a comment is spamming.
    4. If a lot of spam comments are directed at a single post than that could be because you approved a spam comment in that post. Spam attracts spam and human spmmers watch to see if they suck you in. If they do then they and other spammers hammer your blog too.

    Scroll down to “5 things every blogger should know about spam” on this page.



    P.S.Akismet is very accurate. Though you may find a false positive in the spam filter from time to timer which you can “unspam” so Akismet learns, there won’t be many of those.


    <i>How do I know what is really spam?</i>

    A quick glance at the content will tell you if the message is related to any recent topic you’ve posted.

    If it’s advertising male virility products and you haven’t been discussing those, it’s Spam.



    Thank you. As always you are all very helpful. I appreciate your quick response.



    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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