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    If one of my visitors should get the odd idea of leaving a comment about an entry in my blog (, how should he go about it? The place for it is on my About page, and that is perfect for me. But how does he get to my About page from my entry that gave him the idea of a comment?

    I can only think of leaving my blog site and then signing on to it again. Is that what I should advise the visitors to do, or is there an easier path?.

    The blog I need help with is



    Comments are available by default, unless you’ve turned them off for your posts.

    But, it seems you’ve set your About page as the Front Page of your blog and not left any way other than the Archive widget for people to find your posts.

    Maybe add the Pages widget to your sidebar for easier navigation in your theme?



    Thank you, justjennifer, so much! It looks complicated, but that is because I have not been able to find a discussion about either pages or widgets. I have seen that widgets exist but not understood what they are used for, and the only page I have unexpectedly found is the About page. You told me that there is also a Front page. Maybe there are even more specialty pages? I will double my effort to find a descroption af all that. Thanks for opening the door for me, an inch at least.

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    @gymbrat: Yes, there is one more “specialty” page! By default, the blog front/home displays your latest posts, but now that you’ve set your front to display a static page you need another dynamic page for the posts. Go to Pages > Add New, create a new page, titling it “Posts” or whatever you see fit, then go to Settings>Reading and set it as your posts page. (You’ll also need to go to Appearance>Widgets and activate the Pages widget, as Jennifer suggested.)

    By the way, why don’t you turn “Introduktion” into the title of the About page?



    panaghiotisadam, you gave me a great hands-on step-by-step instruction, and I followed it until I could not move the Pages widget to the sidebar. It did not want to stick there but flew back right away. Could you tell me how to make it stay in the sidebar?

    I had been everywhere on WordPress when I tried to learn to use it (on the widgets page I successfully moved the calendar away from the sidebar, since it was irrelevant for me). At that time, I tried to move all the widgets to the sidebar just to learn what they were, but they all flew back just as the Pages widget still does. So I still don’t know what the widgets are, and that makes me feel so damned dumb. I wish that there had been a brief “Intro” to WordPress so that I did not have rely on you wonderful people to learn everything.


    Official general intro:

    General intro by our (fellow forum volunteer) Jennifer:


    As for activating the Pages widget, if it won’t stick, then click Screen Options, click “Enable accessibility mode”: this way you’ll get a rather foolproof “Add” tab to the right of each widget name.



    Thank you so much, panaghiotisadam, for help to get my problem resolved, and, in particular, for pointing me to the “Getting Started” reading material. I had missed it – now I will be able to handle things on my own better in the future.

    By the way, while I don’t have the time to serve daily like you wonderful people do, I would happily assist you if you need some words translated to suitable Swedish – I write my blog here in Swedish for Swedes. (I can also handle English after my last 46 years in the US.) Words like “Tidigare inlägg” for ‘Earlier entries’ or “Om” for ‘About’ might be neat to get in a blog when Swedish is the chosen language? Whenever.




    so how do people add comments to a post that already has other comments on it?



    type in the comment box. Why would they have difficulty with it?


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    umm. Click on the post title,
    scroll down to “post a comment”
    then type a comment in the comment box.

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