How to let visitors refer friends to my blog?

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    I’d like to give visitors an easy way to e-mail my blog’s web address to friends. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I’d prefer a web form that sends the e-mail as opposed to a script that just creates an e-mail program pop-up window (because some people just use webmail instead of e-mail clients programs). I’m imagining an “E-mail this page” link on my sidebar that leads to an “e-mail this page” form. Any ideas on how to do that?



    i don’t think we can have such a feature in you could encourage your readers to recommend your blog to their friends using a text widget.

    i have had referrers from emails like gmail yahoo and hotmail, so i think there are people out there who would email their friends on their own to note an interesting post in a blog.


    {wave to sulz}
    The “email a friend” feature has been requested by others.
    If you would like to join them in making that request then you can send staff a support ticket during working hours.

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