How to let visitors write their own article?

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    I would like that everybody could write their own opinion in my blog, and contribute in the creation of a life Barcelona Guide in my blog. Is it possible? How can I do it? Right now visitors can just leave a comment to my articles… and I think it is poor. I saw other blog sites where everybody con write an article…



    Are you sure you’re not talking about a wiki? Can you show us an example of a site that does what you want?

    I don’t think you can do what you’re asking here, unless you post an email address and get people to email you their articles and you post them manually.



    Either a wiki or a CMS like phpNuke.

    With the setup we have here at, you can’t. I’m sure that there’s a plugin of some sort that you can use with regular wordpress that will allow this but that’s getting away from what a blog is and more of what a CMS (or Content Management System just for reference) is.

    You could always put up a page asking for articles and include an email address for folsk to send them to. Also some of the themes include a Contact page with a form that you can try using.

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