How to line up numbers, etc. in columns

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    When I Preview, the W–L and also the numbers don’t line up so well.

    Sample :

    Marcos ………7–0
    Vic …………5–1



    Put it in a table


    vivianpaige :

    Thanks for your reply, I will try that by looking up
    how to put Tables on a blog.




    Do a search, here and on google, for Windows Live Writer.


    rchsbowman :

    Thanks for letting me know about that Live Writer, I
    am trying to test it out.


    For those that do not have Live Writer, or do not want to use it, there are online HTML table makers where you can just enter your criteria and it will then allow you to preview and create the HTML code. You can then simply paste it into the HTML tab on the wordpress editor. This is the one I use: , but there are others out there as well.


    thesacredpath :

    Thanks a lot for your info, I will test that out too.


    You’re welcome. Since I’m on a Mac, I cannot use Live Writer and although I can hand code tables, it is quicker and easier to use the online solution.

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