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    Member have an account at

    It has a number of linked blogs (external) and i’m able to count and see their statistics using one api key.
    Now i want to add another external blog and link it to my account so that i willl be able to count and see statistics for him.

    What should I do for that?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    There are two very different types of WordPress blogs. The one linked to your username which is devoid of any blogger created content is a free hosted blog. Please read this and then expand on what it is that you want to do: vs

    If you are referring to stats for installs, they are provided by use of the JetPack plugin. Please see the information at these links:
    JetPack FAQs
    JetPack support page
    JetPack support tickets



    Install Jetpack on that blog.



    Thank you.
    My WP version is 2.6.5.
    Will the last version of JetPack plugin work under my WP?
    If not – where can I find old versions of JetPack?

    Thank you.


    2.6.5? Good Gawd, you seriously need to update. That version probably has 25 security holes in it by now.

    No, Jetpack will not work with that version of wordpress.

    The old blog stats plugin is no longer supported and is no longer in development and will likely quit working at some point in the near future.



    The project is huge and probably there are already more non-WP parts than WP ones so i’m affraid upgrading can cause some problems…
    So it should be some way to link external blog without upgrading it.

    Now I see that a few external blogs that are also based on WP 2.6.5 are linked to my WP profile and stats is calculated for them and can be viewed by me. So it’s possible to do, the question is how?


    You would have to use the old blog stats plugin and it is no longer available for download, it is no longer in development and no longer supported and I suspect that shortly the stats plugin will just quit working entirely. Stats are only available now through Jetpack.

    Switch to a different stats package like Google Analytics or SiteMeter or StatCounter. That is probably your only option.



    It’s up to the customer and he wants to use these WP Stats.

    Yes, I’m using the old stats plugin. And these external blogs that are using it already linked to the WP account. The point is to link a new blog (that will be work within the same project).

    How it was done before? Without JetPack plugin…

    Thank you



    The way it was done before was with the old WP stats plugin which, as tsp has explained, is no longer available.



    If I have this old Stats plugin is there any way to link a blog using it or it is not supported by

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