How to link gallery images to new page or post?

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    I’ve read several of the forum threads and support pages on this, but I’m still confused. I would like to create a gallery similar to these blogs (, where each gallery thumbnail image will just open up to a new page or post with a larger image and description….NOT the default gallery image carousel view. I have tried following the instructions in the support page to ‘edit gallery’ and edit one photo to link it to another page, but it doesn’t seem to work. Here is the test gallery I created (, and I tried to update the Blue Kimono one to link to the bluekimono page, but it didn’t work. Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is



    The first site you linked to is using the theme Mixfolio and that is how the theme works. You are looking at the site’s front page, which uses a featured image only to represent the post and when clicked brings you to the post itself.
    See here:

    The second site is using the Gallery feature and linking the photos in the Gallery to the image attachment page. We currently have three options in the Gallery feature: image only, image attachment page or the Photo Carousel. You cannot link to a Post or Page using the Gallery feature.

    The Photo Carousel is the default behavior for the Gallery feature. If you want to turn off the Photo Carousel completely for your site, or adjust its settings, you do this in your Dashboard>Settings>Media>Image Gallery Carousel.

    See here: and



    Also, it looks like you’ve uploaded thumbnail images, which isn’t necessary. Any image you upload to your site is automatically resized for you to thumbnail, medium, large and “full-size” depending on what you insert in your post. The Gallery feature by default inserts thumbnail sized images which, when clicked, then lead to the larger image (image only, image attachment page, Photo Carousel).

    In order to maintain image quality, it is a good practice to edit and resize your images before uploading. Depending on theme, a photo between 800-1280 pixels wide is large enough; anything above 1600 pixels wide is going to eat up your 3G free storage space very quickly.

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