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How To List All My Blogg’s Pages As Links - with my widgets or what’s it’s – on/

  1. hi there

    alas i have been forced to split up my blog into pages
    as it was taking a minute and a half for the entire blog to upload

    even though
    only 10 secs for post to appear with image
    and 15 for widgets to appear
    [which is brilliant - as the rest of the posts are uploading in the background]
    [those that are on dial up [not ADSL broadband] just give up as the above is't the case]

    i would like to list all my pages 1 - 6 & make them into links
    (i can see the urls eg

    the idea is that the reader will/can see there are other pages and can click on them to see what's there
    in the right hand colomn where all my links and widgets and thingies are

    page one
    page two

    my theme/design is, unsleepable [Opera browser]

    at the end of the page in miniscule tiny weenie letters you can see "earlier entries" or/and "previous entries"

    which unless you are a die hard bloggist

    you don't know is to be clicked on to see what else might be of interest

    Can i do this?

    if yes



  2. Your page takes a long time to load because you have too many posts on the front page, especially with all of the pictures. Try reducing the number of posts on the page (dashboard>settings>reading)

    As for linking to the other pages - as the number of posts on your blog increases, so will the number of pages, so even if you link that in your header, you will be constantly updating it.

    A couple of other suggestions: use the sidebar for the items you have in the bottom bar or at least use the category drop down instead of the category list. Your page is too long, at least for me. When I get to the bottom of a page, I expect to be able to see the previous/next entries links and scrolling to the bottom of your page, I don't see them, because of the bottom widgets.

  3. vivianpaige!
    thanx sooo much for yr time and suggestions

    i would like to list all my pages 1 to 6 - making them into links in my side bar
    how do i do this?

    there is a widget called pages [design/widgets]

    but it is not clear to me at all what it does!
    no matter what i do i just see the title only
    it just hangs there looking pretty redundant
    what is it meant to do - do you know?

    there is no where that i can see to add each page number as a link

    the blog roll is the only thing that i can see that i could make into
    page one
    page two
    page three

    each as a link


    i would like it to appear at the top of the side bar - and not be in the blog roll
    i would like them to be listed like the archive list in the side bar

    any ideas?

    what is a filter?

    can i use this?

    am a tad hessitant to experiment incase i mess up the whole blog!!

    PS re categories long long long oh so bleeping long list at the end of the home/front page
    i am told is a feature of unsleepable theme/design
    i have the dropdown list of catergories in the side bar [i think - somewhere]
    too time consuming to go through all the post deleteing the categories that i lavishly used way back in march when i first started blogging - to reduce their number
    i think i now understand them
    tags take you to the forum posts with the same tags
    categories are for sotring one's postes with in the ones blog

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