How to load a .jpg that keeps crunching?

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    Finally, after two days, I got a few .jpg files to load. It was maddening. Yes, I cleared the cache. Yes, I read the forums. Yes, I went through the tutorials. Yes, I tried all the alternate ways to load a .jpg photo. Now, there is one last digital photo …. nothing complicated …. same kind of digital photos I used to upload before changes were made to the media upload process. WP .jpg upload still keeps “crunching” and will not load that last photo!

    In case you need to know, the blog is

    I’m doing this on IE. Firefox wouldn’t even load one file. This process should not be so “touchy”.

    Please, give me a practical answer that works.

    The blog I need help with is



    Normally image uploads are not touchy

    I flagged this for the staff to help


    Oh … and if it helps, yes, I tried on 3 different computers. Two are on the same home network, but the third is 40 miles away and totally unassociated. Same result.

    Thanks I advance for helping unravel this mystery.



    This is a strange issue, and I’d definitely like to try to pin down what may be causing your difficulties with uploading images.

    I’d usually chalk it up to connection speed, but if you’re logging in from different locations that may not be the case unless you’re tethering your computer to a cell phone for a mobile connection, or you have very slow connection speeds in your general region.

    One thing that might help for the last image is to open it in photo retouching software and saving it as a new file.

    Otherwise, please let me know what your upload speed is showing from, just so we can rule that out.

    When you say, “Firefox wouldn’t even load one file,” what happened when you tried? Did you get an error message or something else? Have you tried Chrome?

    Finally, I saw that you have several images uploaded now. Since you were having difficulties initially, how were you able to get those to work in the end?


    Hi. First, some background in case it makes any difference ….
    Mostly I use the desktop Dell with Windows 7 Home Premium. That’s what I’ve been working with (except for testing this on a couple other computers). Comcast is the broadband provider. About a month ago we got a new Comcast modem and a Netgear N600 Dual Band Router. The old hardware was shot. All’s been well since on the desktop and two laptops on the home network. No, no tethering a computer to a cell phone. But for the photo upload issue, WP blog seems pretty nimble.

    OK, so I went to just a while ago. Ran it 3 times. The download speed was a consistent 28.86 / 28.87 Mbps. The upload speeds were 5.89 Mbps, .96 Mbps, 4.17 Mbps.

    I tried a few things this evening. First, using IE and clearing the cache, I was able to use the multi-file uploader and that last photo that I had been trying to load … finally DID LOAD on the first try! It took three evenings to upload that one .jpg photo. So, I tried another photo and got the same crunching …. and crunching …. and crunching …. issue. In Firefox, using the browser uploader, it tried to connect and then I got a “Page cannot be displayed” screen. I’ve tried a lot of things and by and large neither IE or Firefox seem to want to load a .jpg with the browser uploader. Almost all the photos that loaded, loaded with the multi-file uploader. BUT … just now I tried yet another photo in FF with the browser uploader and it just loaded right up!

    So, this evening things seem better, but they are still very erratic from the same endless crunching to giving a “cannot display page” screen to loading right up.

    Thanks for your ideas.



    Yes, I have some of the same problemsā€¦ at WP 3.8 will not show new photos I upload from photoshop..and yes, i have tried to empty cache etc. I never had any problems like this beforeā€¦

    Thanks for any help (it seems surfing around that very many people have issue with uploading photos or getting them posted). Please work this out…



    @bluebirdannie, do things change for you if you check or uncheck “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages” at Users -> Personal Settings in your blog’s Dashboard?

    @schousboe, your site is hosted with rather than here on While the above suggestion might help you as well, if not, there’s a limit as to what I can suggest since your site is set up differently and may have plugins or other conflicts that I can’t view, since I only have access to sites hosted here. If you’re still running into trouble, you may wish to check the forums for more assistance:



    What is the filename of the image? Sometimes that’s the problem.



    @jackiedana. Thank you – and yes I know that my problems may be “local” – however it is interesting that I am not the only one suffering from a series of problems with uploading and editing pictures. It seems there is one or more general glitches in the programming of the update (I also have a blog here :; that is how I found this support forum) . I shall definitely check out the other one…



    @raincoaster – thank you, and yes, i know. I did try to change the filename (e.g. removing the .jpg at the end; a procedure which i necessary with photos from Photoshop)

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