how to load an image so it can be viewed at original size

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    Is there some detailed discussion somewhere on sizing images without the crunching process ruining the resolution? The only way to get a sharp image is to reduce a jpeg to actual publication size before uploading – which presumably will mean it cannot be viewed at a bigger size in any case?

    I’ve never understood why some images can be opened in a new window by hovering the pointer over them and clicking, while others will not open. When they do open, sometimes the resulting image is enormous, and other times it’s the same size as published. However, I’ve noticed since Coraline was introduced to replace Cutline that NO images are available for opening in a new window.

    The basic Support page about images does not make clear what the three buttons are for when uploading and inserting a new image, in the row that reads ” None/ File URL / Post URL” followed by “Enter a link URL or click above for presets.” Why would I choose each of these 3 options and what effect does each achieve?

    Sorry to blurt all this into one post, but these inconsistencies have baffled me for years and I really would like finally to be able to display some images at sizes wider than my main column!
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    The blog I need help with is


    During the image insertion process, you have to choose in the image insert window to have the image in the post “link” to the original. This is under the “link URL” section in the insert image window. You click on “file URL” to have the image in the post open the full-sized image in the browser window when it is clicked.


    The thing to remember is what is inserted into a post or a page (what is visible in that post or page) cannot be wider than the post/page content area or your site will explode leaving nothing but rubble on the screen (or a big chunk of your image will be hidden). Some themes have wider content areas than others, and some themes allow you to do away with the sidebars thus making the content area the full width of the main container area.


    I will say that I agree that the labeling in the link URL section could be a lot better and far more descriptive.



    Brilliant, immediate success – thanks a million, thesacredpath…. though I ought to say the column-width image is not as sharp as it could be, since it has been reduced to half its actual size to fit the column. I suppose the compensation is that it looks great when opened up.

    Out of interest, what does the “Post URL” button do?


    If you want the image in the post to be as sharp as it can be, create an image to that exact size, upload and insert that one along with the full-sized image and then instead of doing the “link to file” thing, type the URL of the larger image into the link URL field.

    There is a limit to what can be done as far as image resizing by wordpress.COM, and you are always going to get way better results by using a dedicated image editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP or similar.


    The Post URL will open the image in an “attachment” page (which ironically has the same width as the main page where your posts are. It is really meant so that if you insert a thumbnail, you can then have a larger version that will be on a page styled like your site is rather than in a blank browser window.



    Great, exactly the info I was seeking, so thanks to both of you. Creating actual-size images before upload is what I’ve been reduced to for some time, thesacredpath – but what a faff having to upload two images in order to offer the large version AND have a sharp one in the blog!

    And what a very useful blog you have, panaghiotisadam – so much other stuff that I’ve been dying to know for years. Thanks again.

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