How To Locate A Photographer

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    About three years ago in a search of the internet I found a photo by someone here listed under a group of photos on a page entitled “Camp Naturalist.” Is there some way to contact the photographer who took it for permission to use it on a forum that I belong to?

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    You would need to use some sort of search function Google or the WordPress search blogs feature and find the site then see if the photographer has contact information or a contact form on their blog, or leave a comment and ask them to contact you.

    I doubt that the Staff could or would be able to help you with that specific request (i.e. figure out some way to run a search on all 100,000,000 +++ Pages and Posts.

    Try Google and also try searching for the file name of the picture if you saved it with it’s regular file name.



    There is a blog about small wild type animals with “Camp Naturalist” in the title, it has not had any new Posts since 2008 but the blog is still accepting Comments: if that is the blog and you leave a comment but the author does not respond then you are sort of out of luck as WordPress.COM respects the privacy of individual bloggers totally, no exceptions.



    Interesting! Does this also mean that our blogs will live after us?



    Absolutely. It’s a big issue; if you have a will, you should include in it instructions for your blog and who gets the “intellectual property rights”.

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