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how to log onto another blog?

  1. tommyfreszetti

    hi, i've been sent an invite to join wordpress and thus to be able to join a certain wordpress blog team on which translations of certain articles are posted. i've created my account, got myself even a blog of my own but i don't know how to log on/join my friends' blog to post with them the articles that i want to post on their blog (and not my newly created blog of my own). anyone can help? where do i need to go? which page do i need to jump to? where on the dashboard i ought to look? or should i look elsewhere? i've been told that i need to go to my friends' blog admin page (for example but when i type that address in i jump directly to my blog's dashboard.

  2. The other blog should appear in the "my dashboards" pulldown at the top of the screen when you are logged into your own account. If it doesn't, try logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. Once it shows up under "my dashboards" you will access the admin area for that blog there.

    When you signed up for your account here, did you use the same email address that you you received the invite on?

    Last resort would be to contact the blog owner and have them add you again using the same email address you used when you signed up for your account here.

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