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How to Make a Category a Page

  1. How can I make all of the posts in one of my categories appear on their own page AND on the regular blog?

  2. Your only way to achieve this is to copy and paste them all onto another page.

  3. Actually categories already have their own Page and the regular blog.

    For example, this post shows on your blog as well as the category page as well.

    Hope this helps,

  4. This is true...How can I make the category page a regular page. For example, I want there to be a button on the top page navigation bar that, when clicked on, takes the person to a specific category. Maybe this is not possible?

  5. Not possible with the setup we have here. You could do it with the downloadable version of Wp that would be hosted elsewhere. The link does exist within your sidebar.

  6. Could I keep the current layout I have now if I use the downloadable version of WP? I assume the version you speak of is from WordPress.ORG?

  7. can someone tell me how to make a new catagory please

    just below this coment

  8. Dashboard > Manage > Categories > Add New.


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