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how to make a contact page?

  1. any links are helpful...

  2. Blix is the only theme that comes with a contact form template, if you don't want to use it the only option is to add your email address on a page or in your sidebar using a textwidget.

    You should probably set it up something like this: yourname{dontyoudarespamme} to prevent spam.

  3. Link

    That's a hint by the way. :)

    I'm guessing though that since you've only been here two days and your account is not linked to your blog, you may be hosted elsewhere instead of hosted here at If so, then you need to be over at as you're using different software than we are and our answers would be different.

    Do note that doing a search in their forums would also be a good idea before posting. :)

    Good luck,

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