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How to make a down to maintenance page?

  1. I would like to undergo some major updates with my site, which it may be very messy if it is shown to the public during the process, so is there a way to make a page to block the rest until it is finished its maintenance? btw, I am trying to update the whole site's arrangement including the layout and other related things...etc.

  2. There is no "Maintenance Page / Mode" as such for WordPress.COM blogs.

    You can set your site to "Private" and that will slam the door in the face of anyone trying to visit your site - that will kill traffic. People won't know if your site will be back or not -

    My feeling is put a Sticky Post at the top that says "Pardon our construction .....etc" - then visitors see that your site is still up and will have a new look and content shortly - they can still visit your site and see your content if they want -

    I think that visitors are more forgiving than the average blog owner - I would do the Sticky Post Under Construction

  3. So wouldn't it be embarrassing that the directory and files all over the place? I agree that your idea was good, and maybe I will do that. But, if I already have a hostage for that site, will scripting does the effect?

  4. So wouldn't it be embarrassing that the directory and files all over the place?

    On WordPress.COM you don't have the ability to work with directories and scatter files all over.

    If you are moving off WordPress.COM and to your own host with a WordPress.ORG install then your options are greater.

    Your new host should be able to give you access to your new site before the domain name is pointed to your new site - so you can work with your new site where nobody can really find it - then when you are ready to go - point your name servers to your new host (make sure your new host is configured to catch the incoming domain name) - and away you go with nobody seeing the construction at all.

  5. That sounded complicated. I like simple ways, but thank you for all your useful information with the overall idea. Perhaps I will go for the "Pardon our construction..." message on the homepage.

  6. You be welcome & good luck with your construction

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