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    First off, I’m not exactly sure if this is where i should post my question, so, if not, i apologize in advance.
    I’m a Vietnamese blogger, and is trying to raise the visibility of the wordpress (.com) platform in the Vietnamese online community. Most of us have been using yahoo360 (which is a piece of crap, more or less), blogger, and opera. WP is much more superior (in my opinion) with regard to the design, and the whole no-ad thingy. However, my friends have been complaining that WP is not exactly community friendly. By that, i mean we do not have a way to add “friends” like yahoo360 or opera do. For example:
    (note: this isn’t a ploy to increase page views btw, as these are not even mine)

    I do know that blogroll kinda mimic that, but then if i put a blogroll, it would be extremely long, an eyesore at the side of my blog page. What I’d like to have is an automated way of adding friend lists, and the possibility of categorizing those. It can be an official method from WP (which I highly doubt Mark and the guys will do anytime soon), a workaround method in WP, or even using a outside service (so that we can put that link in our blogroll instead). Do you have any suggestion to help me on this ?

    Thanks for reading. I hope that I didn’t confuse you too much.



    You could make a page titled “Friends” and add links to people there. You could also consider setting up a free forum somewhere like here: and link to that from your blog.

    Others may have more ideas…




    Using social networks may be the way to go. There are many of them like mybloglog and stumbleupon, etc. There is also NING: Create Your Own Social Network and it may be worth looking into.



    Use your blogroll anyway. People don’t get many clicks from being on someone’s blogroll, but they sure get some self-esteem from it. I seriously recommend it, particularly to promote a community. You may want to make a text widget called “Vietnamese bloggers!” or something.




    thanks a lot for your advices. This forum is also one of the things i like about wp. After reading timethief’s post, I’ll probably start to do some research on NING as it might be the simpler one of the bunch. The simpler it is, the more incentive more them to do/join. Can’t wait to get rid of Y360, the dinosaur, one-page blog.

    Good night.



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