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how to make a header

  1. dribblingpensioner

    i would like to try and make my own header image using 4-5 photo's is that possible and how could i do it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. What is your OS (operating system - PC or Mac) please? What image editing capability do you have?

  3. dribblingpensioner

    pc win7, microsoft office picture manager, picasa 3, arcsoft photoimpression 5,

  4. sometimes I take the pictures in .bmp form and copy and paste them into one page. Then save it as a .jpg. Using microsoft paint. If you cant figure it out, then email me the pics and Ill do it for ya.
    Some people dont like office picture manager and use the free program Irfanview instead.

  5. The other free tool that isn't too bad, but a bit fiddly, is paint.NET

  6. I only know how to use Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop. I use a combination of the two to make my headers. I was going to offer to make one for you if you are stuck, then I saw that midaevalmaiden has already offered. So, anyhoo, the offer is there for the future if you need it.

  7. I use Photoshop as well to make mine. If you are in need of help, then contact me :)

  8. dribblingpensioner

    thank you all for your offer's i will try thing's out and let you all know

  9. I got the pics today, but what size should the finnished header be? Each theme has its own size specification in megapixels. some say 900X300 some are 297X 850. Do you want any words in it? Heres a pick of what I mean.
    anyhoo, If I dont hear from you Ill just make an assorted size one.

  10. dribblingpensioner

    thank's Sara, i sent you another email

  11. It seems like you've got a solution, but I used to use Inkscape (free SVG editor) when I had a header.

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