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    how to send a link to friends. I’ve tried to copy and paste the link above but it never turns to a link.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>

    This is the URL for your blog:

    To make an anchor text link like this one floatinhome you type this first floatinhome and then you highlight it with your mous, click the chain (link) icon in your editor and enter the URL and the floatinhome title and click insert.
    <a href="">floatinhome</a>



    If you are using email to send a link, first just paste in the URL. Then highlight it and find a button that looks usually like a link in a chain and press that. It may do it automatically for text that is a URL, or it may pop up a box to ask for the URL. If the latter, just paste in the URL again (but be sure there is not a doubled “http://” on it).

    Or just ask your friends to copy and paste the URL from the email to a browser. Many email readers will linkify a URL even though you might not see that.

    If your email program/provider allows entering HTML, you can use timethief’s suggestion there, too.


    I’ve tried all these suggestions but none work. Is there anyone else who can tell me how to copy a link to my site to send an email to friends so they can visit the site?



    Hi huguettebulmer, you should be able to get a short link if you go to the blog you want to share, if you then click on your blog name there should be a pop up menu, and you can just click the short link address.

    Hope this helps



    This is the URL for your blog:
    Copy and paste it into an email and send it.

    If you email client is set up to display “rich text” the link will be active and if it is set to display “plain text” then it won’t be active. Simply copying and pasting that link into a top browser bar and clicking will result in connecting to your blog.

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