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    I noticed something strange: I post my posts with tags like “Christendom” and “Apologetiek” in Duch and they don’t show in the Dutch “Explore”. The thing is: there doesn’t get a new tag created with the name “Christendom” in the Explore function. Every week a post is posted there. I look for other topics in the explore function and sometimes there is only one post in it, or the last post was a few months ago. The “Christendom” tag is used much more. Do certain tags get banned?

    I am writing in dutch and it seems like anything that has to do with Christianity doesn’t appear in Explore. Tags like: God, Christen, Christendom, Apologetiek, Bijbel. What is the reason for this? In English they show up, but not in Dutch.

    Hope someone can give me an answer.

    The blog I need help with is



    I think you may be referring to a custom menu but I apologize if my guess is a wrong one.

    Please read this first Post vs. Page

    (1) There is only one page we can post to in any blog.
    (2) The static pages we bloggers create do not automatically update.

    Only the dynamic pages like Archives, Categories and Tags created by the software when we publish a post will update automatically update with new posts.

    By default the front page of the blog is the Page that displays all posts in your blog. You can create a static front page and have your published posts display on another page but doing that does not change what follows.

    Though there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts (not pages) and we cannot post to more than that one page, we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page.

    This guide will walk you through how to create category pages for your blog, to display groupings of similar posts on pages other than your front page.

    Create a custom menu
    Add dynamic categories and sub-categories pages to it
    Create order and sub-menus (dropdowns)

    Here’s a link to my post on this

    There are many common errors, misunderstandings and misconceptions when creating custom menus and there are some tweaks you can use to improve your custom menu as well.



    Do certain tags get banned?

    Are you referring to your posts not appearing on the Tag/Topics/Categories pages?

    All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages can be found here >

    If you have assigned a combined total that exceeds 15 Categories/Tags to your posts, you need to edit and delete. After removal of the excess categories and/or tags note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying there.

    The rule of thumb is to assign the least, not the most, combined number of only relevant categories and tags that accurately describe the post content.


    Thank you for your answers, but I don’ mean that. I am talking about categories in “Explore” in general. Today I saw a topic with only one post in it (in the dutch “explore”). In “Christendom” I have already posted more posts, other people also have, but the tag or topic doesn’t appear in “Explore”, where also the tags with “Christendom” of all people together should appear.



    I am sorry I was unable to help you. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you for your effort!



    Hi there!

    @timethief- Thank you for all your help!

    @andre1980scholten- When I went to the Dutch site (, I was able to find your posts when I searched for your tags in Explore: Verken.

    For example, I searched the tag: Apologetiek and found all your posts there as seen in the screenshot below:

    I also searched the tag: Christendom and found all your posts tagged with Christendom showed up. You can view it here:

    Happy Blogging!


    Thank you,

    I find these to. But I am talking about the homepage of Explore. A few days ago I saw a tag named “Charismatische beweging”: it had only one post in it! How come that this post is on the homepage of Explore, when more posts are in the Christendom and Apologetiek section? The tag “Charismatische beweging” is gone now by the way.

    What I also find sometimes is: when I go to the Explore-page I see a tag and when I click it: it sais: no post found, write the first post. How come that this tag shows up on the homepage, but not the tags I mentioned?



    The reason your posts are not showing up when you search the tag: Charismatische beweging is that your posts are not tagged with Charismatische beweging. If you tag your posts: Charismatische beweging then it should show up. :)


    Yes I know: my point is: the tag had only one post in it. Why did it show up on the homepage of explore and not the tags with Christendom?

    My question then is: by what criteria does WordPress decide to place a tag on the homepage of Explore?



    Normally the tags that show up are the tags that are most popular with bloggers. This is not always the case, but most times it is. This is updated very frequently, so it is constantly changing.

    If there are a lot of tags with Christendom among our bloggers, it will show up there. If you don’t see it there, you can always search for the tag yourself and find the posts you want to read.


    I know that the most used tags will shop up, but I notice strange things on the homepage of Explore. Today, again, I see a tag with only one post in it. My point is: I want my posts to be read and show up in Explore and it is frustrating that it doesn’t show up there, even when the tags that I use, are more in number, than some tags I see there, with only one, or sometimes zero posts in it.



    HI there,

    I know this can be quite frustrating, so thank you for your patience. I will bring this back to my team and let you know what they say.

    As for wanting your posts to be read, Explore is not the only place where you can get your posts read. You can learn about attracting more people to your site using these tips:

    * Use Publicize to tell people in your social networks about your new post:

    * Make your content visible to search engines:

    * Encourage friends and family to read your blog by sending them reminder emails when you publish posts:

    * Read and comment on other blogs:

    You can learn more here:

    I’ll reach back once I hear back from my team. :)


    Thank you so much for your effort! And thank you for the advise!



    Hi there,

    So I heard back from our team, and currently they are aware that there are certain tags that shouldn’t be there, and they are working on fixing it.

    While a few tags are there incorrectly the majority of them are there because they are the top 100 tags used by bloggers within the past couple days (not of all time). Therefore, the date of the published posts with a certain tag is a big factor in whether the tag will appear.

    So, if you look at the tag Christendom,, the first post is yours (4 hours ago), but the next post was 2 days ago. So, within the past 2 days, there were only 3 posts with this tag. While there are tags with less posts, those are mistakes and it will be fixed.

    I hope this helps. :) In order to drive more traffic to your posts, I would look into the methods I provided in my reply before.

    Happy Blogging!


    Thank you for your clear answer! It is clear for me now! Big tumbs up for the great customer service!

    Keep up the good work :-)



    You’re very welcome! :) I’m glad I was able to help!



    Can you please take another look at this?

    The tag Christendom now has a lot of recent posts in it: I think one or more every day. (Maybe not much for the Englisch Explore, but for the Dutch one it is). Still it does not appear in the homepage of Explore.

    I see again tags with no or one post in it, or less active than Christendom.

    Examples (this are on the homepage of Explore): (empty) (empty) (empty) (empty) (empty) (less active) (less active) (less active)

    Hope you can fix this.



    Please note we are working on it, and when there is an update we’ll let you know. :)



    Thank you!

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