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How to Make a Page Within a Page..

  1. Aloha just wondering if anyone can tell me how to have a page which has a link and when clicked on will open into another page? Here is an example:

    looking at something simular, as you can see when you click on Review it opens to another page..But dont want them as tab buttons near the logo.. thanx..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot answer technical questions relating to your blog without a link to your blog, starting with http.

  3. Soz forgot the link:

  4. madbeeotch
    If you don't want a page to appear in the top navigation tabs, make it a child page. If you don't want the child page to appear in your pages widget, exclude it from navigation. If you exclude child pages from the pages widget you will have to write links to them from some other page.

    ( In a few themes, child pages are automatically linked in their parent pages: )

  5. Thanx for that.. Using the above addresses, can I have a page like theirs where you can place a button and link, so that takes you to the added pages?? Thanx..

  6. Aloha.. Worked out button / link issue.. Now just wondering how you exclude the child page? I have it linked etc where I want it.. Just don't want the category showing up on the side.. Thanx..

  7. Here is a video about how to exclude pages from the sidebar::

  8. Thanx for that.. I thought it was that easy.. only problem is, I don't have that option..

  9. What is the parent page you are talking about: http://
    What is the child page: http://
    And which option do you not have?

  10. Sorry bout this, am noob when it comes to this.. LOL..

    The parent one is the:

    I want people to be able to see that in the pages list, but the:

    and ( Plus the rest I am having up too )

    I want them to not be listed, only around so I can add hyperlinks and buttons etc so then a new page will appear.. But not listed..

  11. Oh sorry.. Forgot! I dont have the exclude section option.. I have:

    Status: Published Edit
    OK Cancel
    Visibility: Public Edit
    Password protected

    OK Cancel
    Published on: May 23, 2009 @ 9:32 Edit

    Type of thing but not this:

  12. I just switched my test blog over to neo-sapian and indeed you don't have the option. It is built in to the theme. I haven't looked at that theme very often, so I've learned something now.

    You could make a text widget with your pages listed as you want them. Then get rid of the pages widget.

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