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How to Make A Parent Page Unclickable?

  1. I don't know how best to describe this, so I'll try it this way. I have the following pages:

    - Service 1
    - Service 2
    - Service 3
    - Service 4

    Each of these five pages is a unique page in my Dashboard, and the 4 services all have "Services" as the parent page. When you go to my blog, you can hover over "Services" and a dropdown menu appears for the four services underneath.

    Here's my question: how do I make it so that someone can hover over "Services" but NOT have it be a clickable link? I don't want anything on the "Services" page - I don't even want it to be a page. I just want it to be the category under which users can access the pages that drop down.

    Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You make those all Posts, and you make "Service" a category. Then you use a custom menu to put a link to the Service category in your header.

  3. See here:
    (under "Other options, special cases and tricks" > "Submenu with non-linking top level tab".)

  4. @ raincoaster:

    No no!

    You make a custom menu with a non-linking top level tab:
    From the whole article about Common mistakes and misconceptions (about custom menus):

    ❇ Submenu with non-linking top level tab
    A tab that’s just a heading for a submenu, not a link, is created in the Custom Links module: type anything after “http://”, type the name in the Label field, click Add to Menu; once it’s added to the menu, click the arrow to open it, delete everything in the URL field, click Save Menu.
    Note: In some theme this produces a differently looking tab; in that case replace the content of the URL field with a # instead of deleting everything.

    Also here is a link to the support document about custom menus:

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    Would be faster if you cut the frills...

    (And my article isn't about "Common mistakes and misconceptions", it's a thorough guide to custom menus in general!)

  7. :(
    First line quoted:

    A. Common mistakes and misconceptions

    The links we each gave to the OP are useful.

  8. Ah, I didn't read that, thanks.

  9. You are welcome from lil'mzsunshine…

  10. Sorry, it is really something useful to know about and not especially obvious to make happen.

  11. @Tess: By "frills" I meant the bold and the italics and the quotes...

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