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    How can I make a slide show on my blog? When I looked up slide show in support there is a page called “presentations.” Is this something I can do or do I need to buy an upgrade? The instructions are not at all clear to me. It says “See these shortcodes in action in this sample presentation: Presentations Shortcode Plugin for sites.” Is this a video? I don’t see a presentation.

    Until flickr’s recent revamp, I used to embed slideshows via flickr using a gigya shortcode introduced by a former member of this forum. Now that workaround no longer works, due to the changes at flickr. If i use it I get an error message, though previously embedded slide shows still work fine

    The blog I need help with is


    No, you do not need an upgrade to use this shortcode.

    it is somewhat difficult to see, but there is an arrow at the far right of the presentation at the bottom. Press that arrow to transition to the next slide. If you follow the instructions on that support page, you should be able to create a presentation to your liking.



    Thanks very much, darnelldibbles. I was expecting a video to play!

    Support’s instructions are very sketchy. Why don’t they show an actual example of a slide show to make it clear? I don’t know what kind of code to put where it says slide. I put the html code from my photo hosted on flickr, which I used when I put a photo on my blog. No pix. Then I tried inserting photos in my photo library

    The instructions say:
    Pretty cool, huh?

    But the instructions also give various codes to add after “presentation” for setting transition duration and size, But it doesn’t explain the sequence. Do you just add these in a string or what is the placement of the code?

    I have been completely dependent on flickr up till now for my blog, so I’m not at all familiar with WordPress slide shows.



    To create a presentation that’s 600×375 in size (like the example below), use:
    [presentation width=600 height=375]

    does this mean all images in a presentation must be the same dimensions and cannot include both vertical and horizontal images? My vertical images are 375 w x 500 h. Horizontal are 500 w x 375 h



    When I looked up “slide show” on Support it did not mention it, but a friend tells me I need to create a “gallery” first in order to make a slide show. Is this what I have to do first?



    I made a gallery slide show using the instructions from the gallery link page, which were easy to follow, so my problem is resolved. The “presentation” page sounds like it’s something different–with more features than a slide show.


    I am glad that you were able to create something to your liking. Yes, the presentation short code process is a little trickier. If you ever want to create one, feel free to search the forums. there are examples of members who have posted code. At least you can get a framework of how it is structured.



    Thank you for the info. I will do that after experimenting with the WordPress gallery and slide show to become more familiar with it. Really miss ye olde flickr slide show!




    @timethief yes, that is the way I used to insert flickr slideshows, using Panos’ gigya shortcode. It was great! The old ones on my blog still function, but new ones have been resulting is an error message. The reason is that yahoo revamped/relaunched flickr in May 2013, and it seemed that embedding slideshows had become tricky, from what I read on flickr help forums. After seeing your post here, I went back and tried to do a new slide show and lo and behold the gigya shortcode workaround is suddently working again!!! It’s a MIRACLE. All I can say is flickr is very unpredictable since May, as they keep tinkering with it. Thanks, timethief

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