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    I would like to create a slideshow with full width images.

    I was reading up on options here (but I’m still confused):

    I’m using the gallery shortcode with type=slideshow.

    I’ve tried using size=full but it doesn’t seem to affect the image width (the image seems to come through as ?w=462)

    Can I alter the image width in a nice way with wordpress or do I need to revert to CSS hacks?

    The blog I need help with is



    a) The size=full option in the shortcode applies to standard galleries, not to the slideshow. The WP slideshow has no options.
    b) The dark grey frame of the WP slideshow is full-width. It has a 20px border, so the max width for images in the slideshow is 40px less than the width of the main column.
    c) On Twenty Eleven, this max width is 544. I don’t know where you got the 462 from. Are you talking about a different blog/theme?
    d) And anyway the max width in this case is PHP, not CSS, so you can’t use CSS to increase it. (More precisely: you can use CSS to increase it, but the result won’t be real larger versions of the images, they will be the default ones blown up, i.e. poor quality).



    Thanks for the reply!

    a) Thanks. I must have skipped over that in the documentation.
    b) Maybe it was a problem with where I tried to insert the Gallery. I tried putting it in the homepage so I had assumed the gallery itself would take the full width (around 1000px)
    c) This was actually for (ignore the other blog in the original post, didn’t realise WP posted that info). I’m using a custom theme.
    d) Yes I realise PHP (either wordpress and/or the template specifically) are somehow setting the width via ?w=462 I’m just not completely sure why it’s not taking up the full width (maybe some to do with the type of template I’ve chosen for that particular page?).

    Anyway in Lieu of finding a solution I’ve hacked up some CSS to insert larger versions of the images, and hack away some of the borders etc to get a full width carousel. It’s works good enough, though I’m not proud of my CSS hacks.

    If you have suggestions on how to achieve the same thing that I’ve done, but properly through WP I’d love to hear them!



    I just tested the different template options for a page.
    – “Front Page” takes up around half the width of the site
    – “Full Width Page” takes up almost all the width of the site (excluding padding etc)

    This is what had me confused. I had selected “Front Page” not realising it was applying some restrictions on the main content width for that page.

    Thanks for your reply, I got there in the end!



    You’re welcome.
    Yes, that’s what got you confused: notice in my previous reply I’m referring to “the width of the main column“. The jargon can be confusing, but when we’re talking about objects inserted in the main content area, “full width” refers to the width of that area, not to the width of the theme.

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