How to make a website on Word press?

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    I obviously I must be brain dead it says I can use a feature called pages but some reason I cannot figure out how to make a website. My husband suggested I look up templates but it just brings me to other people’s blogs. I have been on here for a month and I cannot figure it out!! Thanks a bunch.



    Here is a bit on pages:

    When I first started I looked at some of the instructions here: and read the book “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabine-Wilson.

    The basics are not too bad. Make a few Pages and Posts even if all they say is “Test One’ Test Two” etc to see what happens.



    @ earthfirstcleaning1

    In the grey bar at the top of your screen, when you’re logged in, you’ll see New Post. Click on that, and the New Post page will open.

    You’ll probably see one row of buttons, with a short row of smaller buttons above it – ignore those for now. In the larger row, click the right-hand button, that will give you access to all the editing buttons.

    Write something, give it a name, create a Tag or several, preferably using words that you’ve just written, likewise with Categories – but using different words (keep both Tags and Categories to about 7 or 8 in total – or fewer if you wish)

    Hit the Publish button and your post will appear on your blog.

    For testing purposes, it doesn’t matter what you write.

    If you get hopelessly mired, click through to my blog and I’ll talk you through it. Get me on the About page.

    NOTE: That’s just for this one person.



    Isn’t a website different to a Blog. I use wordpress for blogging, I didn’t think you could use it to build a website. Can you?



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    A blog is a website with a special dynamic page where you write your posts.
    WordPress is blogging software.
    But you can set up a site using with only static pages so it looks and acts like a more traditional website.

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    My husband suggested I look up templates but it just brings me to other people’s blogs.

    Which template or theme you choose is irrelevant: just choose one you like. Almost any of the 100 themes can be used to build a website.

    Tell me, are you trying to build a traditional site with pages only?
    Is this for your professional work? What is your goal?




    I’ve been busy moving my own website (circa 2004, LOL!) over to WordPress now that I understand the basics. I use my Pages to put links that direct a visitor to other parts of the site. And Pages show nicely as tabs on the top menu bar on my home page, just like the way I formerly did things. Posts, on the other hand, won’t show as tabs on a top menu bar on a front page. HOWEVER, you can categorize posts whereas you can’t do that with pages. My site is a “reading” site where I just bunched my posts together and then created an index page linking to each one. That works for me… But it depends on one’s personal goal.


    @ladyaeolusia: Both post categories and individual posts can show as tabs on the top menu if you use the right theme. See here:



    Hey, thanks!!! I’m pouncing on that one!




    For characteristics of choosing a page based structure and SEO implications, as opposed to retaining a post based conventional blog structure, you may also want to read this post >
    For using custom menus you may also want to read thesacredpath’s post >



    I think blog and website is nothing but abstraction of a collection of webpages. So or any CMS is a read- to-eat website/blog. And for static like pages one can use the pages option. But it does not at all create static pages (does they?) . Better is to make tons of posts full of contents change the home page to display a static page with menus and all in them.

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