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How to make amends when your brand new to WordPress

  1. After one day of signing up i was suspended and told i can not have my site name back. Is there any way to make amends to and clean up my blog for my readers on face book and twitter? Being new to the tools and after grasping the whole idea to wordpress. I am not mad at the restriction. I'm grateful for someone recognizing the problem. I want to follow rules because this site is just exactly what i was looking for. I just didn't realize how to use the tools very well. There were certain areas that said that it was only visible to me. Certain archives that i thought were only for my personal use. When i tried to erase them no matter how hard i tried they would not erase. I worked one whole day and into the next morning on this trying to understand what i was doing. Trying to connect it to my facebook and twitter pages. While my internet connection was blinking on and off resetting me off the links i was reading. For ones who are brand new is there anyway for those who are sincere to make up for mistakes?
    I tried to find the area to change the address and instead created another blog. Upon which i got frustrated and e-mailed for some advice. No response until i was discovered in error and punished. Can there be some stretch room to grow and learn from my mistakes? I do not want to be difficult, no one really does. Upon learning more i have found site is exactly what i need. Id like to learn to be a pro in the required format. I wish to be entertaining and not a problem. But to partake in festivities such as informative teaching tools based upon my own experiences. I have many individuals who like my writing style. Even the other blogs i made and not posted any content on are disabled? Will they keep disabling all of my link addresses? So many questions and so much to learn with about 20 different windows to open all with different content. Thank god for the edit button. Yet, can human beings be as forgiving as the edit button? I had felt intimidated by word press about 6 months ago. And pushed it off till i found someone on wordpress who had copied my article and canonicaled it. So i figured it was okay. Im too reserved in providing links to it in case its not allowed because im not really sure if it is or not. Any advice that anyone has would be awesome. I am not willful to try and get things changed to what my expectations are. But i am willing to conform to be an example of the standards and live up to the expectation of what is and isnt allowed. Thank you so much in advance for any ones input, suggestions and or redirects to maintaining my goals and staying in accordance with wordpresses objectives.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. testing - testing .. if only life had an edit button? -O.o-

  3. If staff suspended your blog, only staff can help you. Contact them via the link on your dashboard.

  4. You agreed to the Terms of Service even if you did not read them. It would seem you blew right through them.

    Suspensions are between you and the staff.

  5. Since signing up i've been contacting staff with no response or remedy for help on how to work this press or even clean up. So im a newby for two days and cant even get a foot off the ground. Now im afraid to even make a move with addresses i've never even posted content onto being suspended.

  6. The bottom line is that we Volunteers cannot help you. As you have already contacted Staff you will have to wait for them to contact you.

  7. @auxclass .. A person on wordpress scraped my article and posted it so i thought it was okay... Since their scrape of my article is still up ... Upon reading the terms of service . I misunderstood the meaning .. As it was described no get rich quick schemes or mlm which i am not a part of any and find them irritating in my own perspective .. Since it is not quality material in my opinion. I was not intentionally trying to break rules. What im guessing from the tone of all ive seen is that i am no longer welcome. And there is no toleration for human error. Or even a chance to make amends and get things right. Thanks for the help.

  8. If you've only been on and you screwed up and got your blog suspended, you haven't lost much, have you? It wasn't even your content in the first place, so YOU haven't lost anything.

    Just start a new blog and don't screw up this time.

  9. @raincoaster . I thought i was communicating effectively. I guess i wasn't to clear. I understand how people can misunderstand situations. I hope this clears up the situation. You can compare to the statement above as reference.
    My other two blogs that i did not even post material on were suspended. All they had was a title with no content inside it so i cant understand how they suspended it with no content inside it? How would it be possible to even start again with that as the case? I never stated i posted someone else's material. I did say that someone scraped content off my blog and passed it off as their own on wordpress. The content that i published that was suspended was my content. I found a site on wordpress that scraped off my post with my video stolen being stamped by you tube with my user name and no reference as to who the original author was. Which was me. So with that being done i figured that was permissible. They also canonicaled my original site. The blog i posted that they ripped from was on another site that belongs to me dated February 24 th 2011. It also seems they do not respond to messages either and automatically posts for hours. I was advised to combat the content which i did in haste. Giving me this result.

  10. Just for clarification i had three blogs because i spelled the first one wrong. And tried to change it. For some reason i ended up making three blogs two of which had no posted content on them. All three are suspended. So i got extremely confused as to which was seen by the public. I assumed that they were all fed through an approval zone before published. Which would be really nifty. That would cut down on a lot of dead links.But i just might not be as smart as everyone else.

  11. Like I said, you have to talk to staff if you want answers.

    If you want someone to approve what you're posting before it's posted, I'm sure you can pay someone. You could pay me, for instance. I will charge you $5 per post.

    If staff deleted something you stole, you have no basis for complaint, since it never was yours in the first place.

    If you are seeking emotional support, the technical forum is not the place to do it.

  12. If you contacted us through the “click here to contact us” link in the notice on your Dashboard, our ToS department definitely received your request, and they’ll be getting back to you ASAP.

    As a policy, please refrain from discussing ToS issues on the public forums.

    Thank you for your patience!

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