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How to make an clikable image to popup on the page

  1. I saw many web site using this effect. Checkout this site

    The thumbnail image in the post is clickable. When it is clicked, the image displays in a full size with a nice transition.

    I tried to search before posting this question but I have no luck with it. Could anyone tell me if it is a plugin or something else...

  2. chelseasreviews

    Ive never done this... but i have an idea. I think that you may have to select the thumbnail, and then click on the link button to add a link, and set it to open in the same window. Let me know if it works.

  3. I think that should work, but you need to set it to open in a new window instead. At least, if I'm reading this right.

  4. A quick looksee at the page source shows that it's javascript. Probably not supported here at

  5. But clicking on an image thumbnail to expand it to full size certainly is. Isn't that all the person is asking for?

  6. No, it's one of those "Gray out the website and replace it with the pic" displays, not a new window.

  7. Ah, my mistake.

  8. Not a problem. :)

    Gotta admit though that I would like to see that as well. Since the javascript would be serverside, it would probably be safe. It would mean a new option for file uploading though. (ie Open to Image, open into theme page, do fancy grey out thingie with pic)

    Now I want to add it into d.b. Dang it, I've got enough to do. :)

  9. I would love to have a plugin for this effect, instead of writing javascript. I'll let you know if I can find a code somewhere.

  10. I found it... You're right. It is a javascript....Check this out:

  11. Yes ! Its called 'Lightbox'. Websites like Zooomr use it extensively (see here - clicking on the small square button on the left bottom of any image, when u hover the mouse, would open it in lightbox)

    Here is the link to the latest version of the JS (lightbox).

    Would be a great addition to WordPress, especially if ur hosting a Photoblog !!!

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