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    Hey, how can I make my blog appear on my normal website? Like, the posts will appear on the main page when I update the blog at

    Also, is there a quick way to look up past posts I’ve made to the forums if I don’t remember the title?



    Can’t answer for the first part, but for the second part, click on the word “Member” under your username.


    For your first question, you could try Sign up, enter your feed, and get the html service code. Then copy that html into your website. It will give the first bit of the article and the title. The title will link to the full article. I did this for my church with my Pastor’s blog. You can see how it works by going to and scroll down.



    You could always buy a domain name that was a subdomain of your website and use that on your blog, but realize your blog is still hosted here at It sounds like you may want to download the WordPress software from and install that in your webspace and use that on the site.



    hosting my blog on my website means the url would be blog.[mywebsite].com, right? Since I’m working on it jointly with a friend, we didn’t want it associated more with one of our sites than the others.

    But yes, that would make things much simpler. On the off-chance this blog ever becomes popular (yeah right), i’ll probably look into setting up



    If you use, you can host it anywhere, including your own web site. This means you can place it in a sub-domain or sub-directory, as well.

    I think that is the best way to go, because it is actually located on your server (not just mapped to ours). You have the most control in this situation, and that’s what it sounds like you may be looking for.

    Integrating your posts may be a bit difficult and not very flexible.

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