How to make Categories results be full posts, without jumps?

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    On the main front page of my blog, all posts are displayed in full. But when you click on a category and are shown a page displaying the relevant posts, only the first few lines of each are displayed.

    How can I make the latter also show the full posts?



    I think a blog url would be useful so that we can see for ourselves. That makes it easier to help you. So please put a link to your blog inhere? :-)



    How can I make the latter [category] also show the full posts?

    You can’t. That’s exactly the way they are coded to be. When you select a category and then click on the post title produced then you get the whole blog post. It’s a 2 click process. And it didn’t work this way then your readers would have a scroll down for miles through whole posts situation.


    Apparently it is theme related then? When I click a category thread on my blog all posts are shown in full length. I use a K2 template.



    Yes, it depends on the theme. There are theme reviews at so you can compare how they all work.


    ok, thanks universalgeni. I will give K2 a try. Fortunately it happens to be a simple layout without unnecessary doodads, much like the Sapphire I currently use.

    Just to see what happens, I tried previewing another template at random – Rounded – and it also shows posts full-length when listed by category, so apparently some do and some don’t.

    I didn’t include the url because I thought readers would be able to reach my blog by clicking on my username…this is the first time I’ve used the forums.


    You can link your blog to your username by going to “view my profile” at the top of the forum and then clicking edit and entering your blog URL in the website field and then clicking “update profile”.


    thanks raincoaster — great!

    now where were you six months ago when I did exactly the same thing for myself by trying all the non-ridiculous themes one by one and taking screenshots until I found one without little glitches or idiosyncrasies that I didn’t like, lol



    There is a category consisting of 6 or 7 numbers that keeps appearing in my catergories list everyday. I did not add it, but I delete it everyday and it will reappear the next day. What is that all about?

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