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How to make category children go under parents?

  1. Is it possible to have the child categories display under the parents--like in

    I would like to collapse these parents, or clouds, to clean up my sidebar...


  2. You actually have to edit the theme for this to happen and we are currently unable to do so. Some of the themes allow this. You may just want to choose a different one. Staff has mentioned that this might be an option in the future.


  3. Where can I find which templates on .com have this feature without trying each one hit or miss? Thanks.

  4. Actually with the widgets, there's an option to do this now. When you use the Category widget, click on the little smaller box within it and choose the "Show Hierarchy" option.

    As to which theme does this naturally, that is hit and miss until someone writes up a review on all of the themes. :)

  5. Okay, thanks! I played the hit or miss game and found a theme to work as you described - nice! Now, is there anyway to hide the child categories until the parent is clicked - I will end up with a huge list... Somebody suggested I upgrade to hosting my own and using WP but so far that is not an option. Is there any way to do it here? Thanks again!

  6. Now, is there anyway to hide the child categories until the parent is clicked

    Afraid not with what we have available to us here. That's theme and JavaScript specific. I really haven't seen many themes that do that. You would have to rewrite the theme to support that and for that, you would need your own host.

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