How to: Make comments appear under post in the first page ?

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    I’m writing new posts on my blog [] and the comments don’t appear under the post directly. I’ve to click “Comments” link to be directed to the comments. Can I show the comments under post in the first page without having to click a link to be directed there ?!

    Thanks in advance..

    The blog I need help with is


    No, and in most cases that is not a good idea. If you get 20 or more comments on a post, people will have to scroll quite a ways to get to the next post. If, you end up getting a lot of comments, this would really become a problem. A couple blogs I visit from time to time can get anywhere from 150 to 750 comments on a post.

    With a self-hosted wordpress blog, there are a some themes that have a collapse/expand button at the bottom of the post that will display the comments on the front page, but that is not available here.


    thanks thesacredpath, i had the same question


    You’re welcome.

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