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How to make Cutline 3-Column Split my theme?

  1. I am currently using the 2-Column Cutline theme and love it; however, I would like have another column on the left side of my page. There is the Cutline 3-Column Split theme I found, but how do I import that into my account after I download it? I tried putting in the CSS but things come out wacky.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't import a theme into your account.
    Could a CSS ninja turn's Cutline into a 3col? That I don't know.

  3. A CSS ninja probably could! But it might be tough. :)

  4. An external theme can be easily ported to Sandbox and make it look as close as possible as the original one. Keep in mind, however, that by porting a theme to Sandbox, you may lose some of the functionality the original theme has.

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