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    I have the blog and the theme Suits. I have no paid services. I use the old editor via the Dashboard.

    I have a menu with three items. I now want to add another item, “info”, and make that item a “drop down menu”.

    I have been looking through the help pages, and I am not at all sure I got it right. Would you please check out the text here below and tell if that is the right and full procedure?

    (And please, dont refer me to the new Beep Beep Boop editor. I have a deadline and I don’t dare risk any mishaps.)

    This seems to me to be the procedure:
    I make a new page “info”, and add it to menu.
    (I want to make “info” not clickable, no content. I’m not sure where/how to do that.)

    Then I make new pages, adding them to menu,
    and then, in Appearance/Menus, Menu Structure,
    I drag the new pages rightways, to make them “drop down submenus” to “info”.
    Always of course clicking Save.

    Is this correct?

    thank you very much,
    Rolf Strömgren

    The blog I need help with is



    This looks right to me. What happens when you try it?

    As for the info page being “unclickable” that’s tricky. I was able to make the following procedure work on my test site. Let’s see if it works for you.

    On the menu page we are going to replace the “real” info page with a blank info link.

    In the left column where you normally add pages to your menu, you should see an option called “links.” If you don’t, scroll to the top of the screen, click “screen options” and then check the box next to “links” Now it should show up.

    In the links box, there are two fields: “url” and “link text”. Under “link text” type “Info.” Type anything, even gibberish, into the url box and click “add to menu”

    Next move the “new” info option (it will say custom instead of page on the right side of the menu item to help you differentiate it from the other) up to where the “info” page is and delete the info page. Now the sub-pages should be listed under and a bit to the right of the info link.

    Open the info link by clicking the small grey down-arrow, remove whatever text is in the url box and then save the menu.

    That should take care of things. Let me know if you run into a snag and I’ll be happy to help.



    > On the menu page we are going to replace the “real” info page with a blank info link.

    Okay, so to fix the menu problem, I should create an extra (empty) page by the name of INFO, and then go to Appearance/Menus, tick that second page, and then below that, choose Links, and then handle url and link text as you said?

    (And then move up the second INFO to the right place, and delete the first INFO.)




    Okay – that seems to work. Details below. Thank you!

    1 – I create a new page INFO
    2 – In Appearance/Menus
    Under “link text” for the new INFO (left column) I type “Info.” Into the url box type gibberish. Click “add to menu”

    3 -In the Menu Structure box (in Appearance/Menus) I drag the new custom INFO upon the old one, and delete the old one. The new one still says “sub item. I take away the url gibberish from the url-box of the new INFO, and Save menu. And it is no longer a sub item.

    4) The sub item below is no longer a sub item. I drag it to the right to make it a sub item. Save menu.

    * Now everything seems to work as it should.



    Excellent. So you are all set then?



    Yes, I think so. Everything seems all right.


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