How to make header a link?

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    My header for my blog ( is currently an image. It is a large orange box with the title of the blog in the image. I did it this way because I wanted to have more control over the font of the header and I liked the ripped paper look of the image. Is there a way to keep the front end looking the way it does currently, but have something in the CSS code that will make the orange header box a link that will go back to the first page/home page of my blog?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    On some standard themes the entire header is the link and on some only the text. You might find it easier (and cheaper than upgrading) to just switch theme3s and upload the header again.



    Hmm. I already did the upgrade and am customizing the CSS. I think that is where the question is coming from. I am sure if I was using a standard theme it would work, but since I am changing it so much it has taken on a life of its own.


    I don’t know about CSS, but you can do it with html in a text widget. Put this first:

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:0;right:155px;position:absolute;">
    <a href="URL_OF_BLOG_HERE"><img border="0" src="URL_OF_ANY_IMAGE_HERE" width="430px" height="220px"></a>

    This will produce a linking image in your header. I’m not sure I’ve got the numbers right, since you’ve modified the theme – you may need to adjust them till the image covers your orange one. Then add this after “position:absolute;” (between the semicolon and the quotation mark:

    This will make the image transparent.



    Sweet! That worked perfectly. I really appreciate your help!



    One more thing. So I checked this on another computer and the headers are appearing as duplicates now. Is there a way to make one transparent but still click-able?

    Or is there another solution?



    You’re welcome. I’m not sure I understand the duplicates part. Which browser/version are you talking about? (Explorer, I’d bet…)



    Yes, it works fine in Firefox, but in Explorer it shows two copies of the header, not just one.



    I checked it out in a bunch of different browsers and I think it is only rendering funny in IE6, an older version. It looks good in IE 7 so I don’t think I am going to worry about it for now…

    Thanks for your help.


    IE6 is obsolete: even the official IE page advises abandoning it.



    Haha. OK, thanks!

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