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How to make image larger when clicked on

  1. Hi,

    How do I make an image larger when visitors click on it? I see on other blogs that when you click on an image, it opens to a larger size of the image. How do I do that?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. When inserting the image, under "link URL" click the "file URL" button.

    On existing images in posts, open the post in the editor, click on the image to highlight it, click the image edit button and you can change the setting there too.

  3. Thanx, sacredpath! Got it!

  4. Ugh! I need help quickly, please. I am in Australia with 40 students and my pictures will not become larger when clicked. Some of the parents aren't too happy with the pictures. I followed your steps, but I do not see the "link image" after I highlife the picture in the edit mode. Is it because I am using an iPad? Please help! Thanks!

  5. It could well be. I've never tried it on an iPad. You should be able to switch to the HTML editor and do it in code if you must. If you click on the picture in Visual editor, you should then be able to hit the LINK button and put in the URL to the full-size image.Even if it doesn't get highlighted, try it anyway; sometimes it's just a glitch in the display.

  6. Hey rain coaster.... Can you email me privately how to do it in code??? Teampez at g mail. Thank you!!!!!

  7. No. That defeats teh purpose of putting questions like this in a forum where others can learn from them. Besides, no lie, I charge $200 an hour for email/phone support.

    <a href="URLofLargeImage"><img src="URLofSmallImage"></a>

  8. Oh dammit, the CODE tags are not working in the forum.


    Staff, can we get this fixed?

  9. Ok thank you. Is ere anyway I can fix this issue?

  10. The forum code tag issue? No, only staff can fix it.

  11. I'm desperate. I won't have wifi until later tonite. I can give whomever the URL to look at if needbe

  12. Just replace the "URLofLargeImage" with the actual URL of the image. Same with URLofSmallImage. Keep the quotation marks. You do not need to understand code to use it. Just put it in.

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