How to make images full size?

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    I can upload images fine. I just can’t get them to post full size.
    They are always like thumnail images. When I click on insert image
    I put in the URL from my upload, but then it always appears much smaller
    than the actual image. Any ideas?




    1. Select the image in the post.
    2. Click on the button (in the editors top menubar with the tiny tree on it) which allows you to edit the image attributes.
    3. In the link for the image, remove “thumbnail” from the file name. E.g. if the name of the image ends with doremi.thumbnail.jpg, edit it to doremi.jpg

    That should do it.



    Actually – there is an easier way. In the window where the image is, click on it and a menu comes up. The very first item says “Using Thumbnail.” Click on it and it changes to “Using Original.” Then send to the editor.



    Vivian – you’ll occasionally find that the insert will still put thumbnail sized width and height attributes into the HTML (or is it just me!)

    If it does then just delete the two attributes and hey presto!

    PJ – Don’t forget that if your image is too wide then it will break the layout and drop the sidebar to the bottom of the page.



    This is the process I use:

    Part 1: Photoshopping the image to size

    1. I resize the photo or image in Photoshop 4 so that it is about the size I want to use in on this blog. To do this I go to “Image” on the Photoshop menu.
    2. I select “Resize.”
    3. Select “Image Size.”
    4. Under “Document Size” I first change the measure system from “Inches” to “Points.” I do this because the WordPress editor uses points when you change the photo size.
    5. Then adjust the image to the size you want. (You need to determine how large you want the photo by experimenting in WordPress. (Note: I like to save it as close the size I will use because it helps with the clarify of the photo.)
    6. Write down the width and height numbers in Photoshop because you will use them when you edit the photo in your blog.
    7. Then I save the file as a jpg.

    Part 2; Uploading and placing the image in you blog. (This section is similar to what others have told you.
    1. Upload the image you want.
    2. Double click on the uploaded image and select “Thumbnail so it changes to original post,
    3. Drag the image to the blog.
    4. Select the image in the post.
    5. Click on the button (in the editors top menu bar with the tiny tree on it) which allows you to edit the image attributes.
    6. In the area that says, “Dimensions,” write the numbers you recorded from “Photoshop.”
    7. Make any other adjustment to how you want the photo to be viewed.
    8. Select update. You should see an immediate change.
    That is how I do it. I am sure there are other members that have far more experience with this than I and may have an easier way to handle this. I hope this was helpful.



    Cornell – I’ve never had that problem with my pics but then I always use the Rich Editor. Maybe that’s the difference?

    aj – that’s a lot of work :) but it is similar to how I do pics when I want them to be fullsized. I’ve never edited the image dimensions, though.



    In my experience any image that exceeds 500 pixels in width is riding the line of potentially causing problems by breaking the layout and dropping the sidebar to the bottom of the page like cornell (collin) says. So I size them first before I upload them into posts.

    aj – WOW! What a lot of work you do. I admire your patience and your expertise. I use the simple method. I have a windows xp operating system so upload mine into MS paint and drag a diagonal corner to size them, I save and rename them and move on to uploading them into a post. It’s quick and it’s easy.



    Timethief and Vivian,

    Well, if there is a hard way to do something, leave it to me to find it….




    I just downloaded from FastStone Photo Resizer. They reize them in batches too. I was going to pay for another one but I read a review for this other one saying why pay when FastStone is free. Checked out FastStone and it’s working great for me.



    Was it a free download? Can you provide the link for other people to check it out?



    So, I’ve got to go find my pic and save a smaller sized pic on my system, then go back and find the new pic, then add the pic to my blog. Whew.

    Does that seem crazy to anybody else who’s used hello with blogger? I’m worn out.



    Simply print out ajbadger’s instructions and be glad you’re not at blogger where you’re allowed to use java script and hack your template until you break it. And where you could die before someone anyone gave you some support. See my experience here and you can be sure that nosy will be glad to share hers with you too. In fact many wordpress bloggers are escapees from the Blogger environment.



    What do you mean? The Blogger blogs I visited today all have their pictures GONE!




    Ha! Ha! too funny now that I’ve gone – waving bye bye to Blogger made me dance with joy.



    I changed the name from thumbnail to original but still look small..



    I just got a Flickr account and they give different sizes I noticed. But thumbnails are usually better for people with dial-up internet and your site will load quicker too.



    Photo Bucket has an option that you can set in user preferences to upload the photo to a specific size, but it’s given in pixels not dimensions. Still, you can host your photos there and not have to go through resizing them yourself. Then just copy and paste the URL into your WordPress post.

    AJ, I sure haven’t run into any editor’s top menu bar with anything looking like a tree on it. I’d sure like to know where to find it so I can work with it and see if it does anything I need to have done.

    Timethief, thank you for the advice on the 500px maximum width. Maximum image size was what I came to the support forum to find. Is it me or does the Codex documentation seem to only be applicable to the server-hosted version of WordPress and not WordPress-dot-com?

    In response to Vivian who uses the rich text editor, it doesn’t always work the way it should. For example, if you try to center a photo, it won’t do it. In my experience both the rich text and html editors only send a thumbnail to the editor, no matter whether you’ve chosen use original size. Still, even if I have to find a workaround, it seems to be a better environment here.

    I’m one of those Blogger escapees!! I just started moving over my first blog to WordPress yesterday. So far I’ve gotten more information on the support forum here than I ever found over at that other place! :)

    And the disappearing Blogger images is why I will be transferring my Blogger images to an image host for everything I just imported. Don’t want to fill up my WordPress limit too quickly. :)

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