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How to make it snow?!

  1. I've noticed that on some WordPress blogs, it's snowing!!! Is this setting only for specific themes, or is there a way I can enable this? Please help! :)

    I posted this here because I don't think it really counts as a "support" question, lol.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Aha! Thanks a ton, noirciplume ;)

  3. I just added the snow feature, it's pretty cool :D

  4. I'm happy my site is snowing! It just automatically came along with my theme:

  5. I switched the falling snow on in my blog which uses the Twenty Eleven theme. Thought it was really cool (excuse pun) until I realised it was causing a really annoying flickering horizontal scroll bar to appear/disappear rapidly at the bottom of the page. So if you experience this problem too the answer is to switch falling snow off (Settings/General). No idea if this only applies to that particular theme.

  6. What you describe is not theme related. Those with slow connections, dial-up and mobiles may have difficulties which is why I deactivated snow in 2007.
    In case you find you need to disable it: will turn off snow for you on all blogs. will re-enable it.

  7. The only query string URLs may no longer work. We actually made it into a real setting this year, which you can find at

  8. Timethief, I dont have a slow connection, dial-up or mobile. Fast broadband via router with Sky ISP. I think this is a red herring.

    Not being a boffin I have no idea why the scroll-bar issue arose but I do know that switching snow off made it go away.

    Macmanx, yes I used the dashboard to deactivate it. Unticked the box at bottom of general settings page.

  9. I don't have a slow connection, dial-up or a mobile either but some of my visitors do. Glad to hear you located where to deactivate this. :)

  10. Yes but when I saw the strange flickering scroll-bar I wasnt one of my visitors I was just me so I dont understand your point.

  11. I don't think what you experienced is theme related, and I'm sorry my response offended or annoyed you.

  12. No apol necessary. Thanks for the input and nice chatting.

  13. You're welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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