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    So i am working on a blog post that has multiple links to large pictures that are too big to be inserted into the post as well as google doc spread sheets. I want my readers to click on them but not be redirected away from my blog in doing so. Is there a way to change these settings so that when they click on links in my page those links show up in a new tab or window?

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the guide for creating links in posts and pages:
    Scroll down to “Open Link in a New Window/Tab: If this box is checked clicking on your link will open up a new window/tab.”


    Thanks so much for the help. However I want to do the same for pictures and still can’t figure out where I go to edit the settings so that when you click on the picture it also opens in a different window/tab.



    THey don’t put it in the section where you upload the picture, unfortunately. It’s stupid that they don’t, but they don’t. Just go back once the image is in, click on the image, click on the Link button, and then click the tickbox to set it to open in a different window.



    Not a link button, but the icon that looks like an image when you click on your image in the Post Editor, then click over to the “Advanced Settings” tab in the window that opens to find the tickbox raincoaster is talking about.



    No, I use the link button. As long as the image is linked that will work and is faster than clicking the mountain icon, clicking Advanced, and then selecting the tickbox.



    Learn something new every day. Thanks, rain! Off to test how badly I can mangle this. :)

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