How to make links live?

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    Would someone please to kind enough to tell me the answer to what seems a very simple question, but I find the HELP stuff on WordPress to be confusing, and I wish there were another HELP WITH HELP menu to help with the HELP stuff.

    My pages include two pages with lists of links to news site reports. All of these links became live and connected when I pressed ENTER at the close of each url on the lists on the two pages. This is the way they come live in email and other pages.

    However, I have since added urls to these two pages, but the new urls will not come alive.

    The links HELP tells me how to set up a link on my home page but that is not what I need. What I need is simply to make live and connected the urls I have added to my posts.

    The solution is probably quite simple, but please bear with me, as I am 77 and my computer literacy is quite limited and I am not versed in codes and such, and the HELP stuff has really swamped me.

    Thank you,

    Alan Gorg

    The blog I need help with is



    <a href="LINKNAME">words that you want to link to the link</a>

    <a href="LINKNAME"><img src="IMAGE(that you want to link to the link)"></a>

    <a href="LINKNAME"><img src="IMAGE">and words to link to the link</a>

    For example the one below links to my blog.

    <a href="">my website</a>



    You insert the link addresses where it says LINKNAME or IMAGE.



    Thank you, john. I checked out all the urls you listed and was able to connect with two, both of which seemed in my lack of computer knowledge to be too staggeringly complicated for me to follow or understand. I do not know all those terms and cannot follow along.

    As for LINKNAME or IMAGE, that is not on my post page. Do you mean after pushing the LINK button on the side of the page? Adding a link that way only puts the link on the sidebar of my homepage, not on the page where I want it.

    Thank you, panaghiotisadam, but the LINK button on the side of the page puts the link on my homepage sidebar but does not make the link live on my other page where I want it.

    What really mystifies me is that I was able to make all the many links on the page live by merely pressing ENTER after the end of the url, but now with the new url I have added, this very simple way no longer works.


    Alan Gorg
    (email redacted)


    First off we need a link to the blog that you are talking about. The site linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM blog.



    See this support page which explains about the editors and all the buttons in them: .

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