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How to make money online?

  1. See title. Without going through survey sites, which most are scams.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can tell you, but not for free, quite frankly. It costs money to make money.

    Otherwise, try a forum search.

  3. A job is the only and best way to make money-surveys and all that jazz are so poorly paid it's not worth the time you waste on them!

  4. Online casino's?

  5. invisiblemikey

    Sexually explicit content, selling household "miracle products", and/or true secret information about celebrities would be my guess. Pete's right also. Provide whatever people become addicted to.

  6. @jmcartee
    There are many ways to make money online both by blogging and without blogging at all but do be prepared to gag when you read them. You will have to locate the associated links using Google’s search engine to research the following 25 ways to make money online.

    (1) get paid to make friends
    (2) get paid to surf
    (3) get paid to search
    (4) get paid to buy and sell ads
    (5) get paid to read email
    (6) get paid to review products and services
    (7) get paid to take surveys
    (8) get paid to blog (sponsorships and affiliate schemes)
    (9) get paid to blog (paid per post)
    (10) get paid to write
    (11) get paid for advertising (passive schemes)
    (12) get paid to pay online games
    (13) get paid to shop and eat
    (14) get paid to use your cell phone
    (15) get paid to visit sites
    (16) get paid to post comments
    (17) get paid for mystery shopping online
    (18) get paid for buying music online
    (19) get paid for testimonials
    (20 get paid for tips
    (21) get paid to chat
    (22) get paid to be an online coach or tutor
    (23 get paid to promote affiliate blogging
    (24) get paid to give advice and answer questions online
    (25) sell items on ebay

  7. And 99% of them are scam. I believe.

  8. 26) figure out things you already know how to do that people will pay you for, and do them online.

  9. Definitely not! @Raincoaster

  10. I would go for some weird fetish site if I were you. Something like bearded transvestites may work. Find a niche you're comfortable with.

  11. plasticdaffodils

    I was going to suggest the same thing, tltcl.

  12. Really? Perhaps I'm on to something...

  13. timethief can you make money through your blog? I've heard you can and do you have to pay loads to start up a certain type of blog to receive money? Thanks for the help, it's all just out of interest by the way :)

  14. @joejames93
    No we cannot have blogger initiated advertising on free hosted blogs if that is what you mean. You have blogger initiated advertising on a install. Let me be blunt. The blog sphere is full people with forked tongues who purport that you can make a million on a blog. That utter balderdash! Making a significant income from blogging is available only to those who do know how to write and who are content creation machines and who are skilled business people. They are few in number and they work very hard indeed. Ask raincoaster for details.

    I know bloggers who have installs with page ranks of 5/10 and 6/10. They produce high quality original content and have strong traffic flows. Guess what? They make very little income over and above their web hosting costs and other self hosting expenses. For self-hosting figure an average monthly total cost (including cost of a domain name) of about $10 to $25 generally, but that all depends on storage and bandwidth requirements.

    Professional Part- and Full-Timers: These bloggers represent 18% of our total group. They are independent bloggers who either use blogging as a way to supplement their income, or consider it their full-time job. Most of these professional bloggers don’t consider blogging their primary source of income. This group primarily blogs about personal musings and technology Read more:

  15. thanks timethief! Yeah I've read a lot about how you can make a lot of money just from writing about your hobby or passion and wanted to know if it's actually true, I suspected not.
    Is the money you receive all from advertisements? You have to pay for right? I bet it takes a fair amount of time just setting up a blog that will earn a little bit of money to supplement your normal job.

  16. I don't choose to monetize my blogs. I have an No-Ads upgrade.

  17. Hold it. You do not pay for installs; the software is free. What costs is high quality reliable web hosting, bandwidth and storage, and other associated costs like purchasing a theme.

  18. You can check my new post about how to make $ 90 a day.

  19. These are the most silly ways of earning money. Once I joined a site like them which was raising a slogan "work at home and make 7600 w$ a month". They said when I'll make 100$ I'll be sent the money. I spent 35$ to join the program. I did spend more than 12 hours a day for 6 months there. All I could make was 85$. They awarded me 85$ for my work of worth10000$. I contacted them that my making is not increasing with the speed you had mentioned. They just replied "You are going very well, keep up your good work".
    After a few days they told me a new story that your account has been blocked because of violating our terms of service. All I got from this is the wastage of my own money, wastage of my time, weakened my eye sight, licked the dust and accursed them. I know another person who had faced all these things.

    I'm telling you they are all fake. When you bring traffic to their site, they steal the e-mail of every person and sell them to the spammers. This is the way they earn money.
    Those mother fuckers also sold my email to a huge number of spammers and I got more than 500 spam emails daily.

  20. I don't need to do anything like that to know it's fake lol. Shame on you.

  21. And I don't need you to tell me that you aware of them without spending anything lol.
    BTW why are you always in a funny mode?

  22. Because I'm always funny. It's a curse I tell you.

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