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    I am using Twenty Ten theme and would like the “Continue reading” link jump to the top of the blog post not the middle of the entry (where “more” was placed in the blog). I have CSS upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is


    That isn’t a CSS thing. That is set in the wordpress core and we cannot hack that. CSS is simply a styling document used by the browser to style and position the elements of a web page.

    The reason that it jumps to the location where the more tag was is that that is where the reader will want to continue reading the post. If it goes to the top of the page, then the reader has to scan down to find out where they stopped reading. I’ve seen sites that are like this and it is maddening to read several paragraphs and then have to hunt for where I left off.



    There is no relationship at all between CSS editing and page jump links. We can all use page jump links – no CSS editing is required. This is the main link for the support documentation The searchbox there provides results from both the docs and from forum threads.
    See also:



    Another way to split content in longer posts is pagination (next page).


    Timethief, good catch, yes pagination would take you to the top of the resultant page, not to the top of the post unfortunately, but there is another option for ladyonarock.



    Like you I find it extremely annoying when I click a read more link in an article and I’m suddenly back at the top of the article having to scroll down to find where I stopped reading.



    Thank you for your input. I don’t want to be annoying so you have all convinced me to be happy with what I have. Thanks again.


    You are welcome from me.



    @thesacredpath – would it be possible to hide the “Read More” tag with CSS then put a fake read more above the real read more with the fake read more going to the top of the Post (just a regular link actually)?? The “real” read more should stop the text.

    I have never used the excerpt functions – but would there be some workaround that way?


    @auxclass, that is an interesting solution, and assuming the read more element has a separate class or ID – which it should always – then yes, you could do that.

    Good thinking my friend.

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