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How to "make music" in my sidebar...?


    Above is a blog which contains the wordpress music player in the sidebar. I am trying to do something very similar, but when I do the [audio], it doesn't work.

    Any ideas why????

    Thank you. :)

    Oh..this is my blog.

  2. I can't even post it in my blog.

  3. Take out the ":" after audio and try that....

  4. I think your problem is that your sidebar is not wide enough for it. You'd need a template with a wider sidebar, like he has.

  5. Figures...rghhhhh.

    I really like this template. Such is life, eh? :)

    Thanks raincoaster.

  6. Re: dogbarber
    That doesn't work either.

  7. Sorry bud....yer' on your own then. :):):)

    I'm still a' learnin' meself.

  8. Re: dogbarber
    The player always bufferin'.

  9. Where are you uploading these files???? Do they allow you to stream?

  10. *The player on your page.

  11. I use musicwebtown....upload there and try that. They allow 10G of free space.

  12. Kthx. :)

    They banned embed! *mads*

  13. I found those URL from, they allowed us to stream.

  14. G2g, ttyl!

  15. Like I said....I'm still learning myself. I'm sorta' learnin' as I go.....

    Try works for me.

  16. Odeo is what I use, but it's glitchy. disembedded uses a couple, is popular.

  17. /nod to raincoaster
    Rather than limiting this to the sidebar, you could look at all the options available to get music on your blog.

  18. If you want something permanently accessible, but don't want to change templates, try doing it on a static page.

  19. That's what I'm doin', I got a test blog.

  20. Btw, the URL that I posted earlier is my test blog.

  21. @cronies - Works for me. And search for the reason why embeds are not allowed instead of getting mad.

  22. This is the best I can find to provide what you are looking for. I too have been looking for the same thing. Use this code in a text widget.

    <embed src="FULL URL/FILE.mp3" controls="smallconsole" width="144" height="15" vspace="4" hspace="4" border="2" align="left" autoplay=false pluginspage=""></embed><br/><br/>

    Hope that helps.

  23. That will not work.

    Embeds are stripped out at automatically. Read the thread at the top of the forums called Read Me First.

  24. I forgot to mention that The Shepherd's Scrapbook ( is where I too first saw this kind of audio feature embedded in the "sidebar". One thing you should realize, that I just discovered, is that the so-called "sidebar" section in the Andreas 04 theme he is using to display the audio is actually a specialized "about" section, where he is placing an [audio] tag in the text. Even though it is in the sidebar position, it is not a widgetized sidebar in the technical sense. This [audio FULL_URL_PATH/FILE.mp3] tag only seems to work on sites, as I have tried to place it in self-hosted WordPress sites without success. It appears to be a built-in feature of sites.

    I'm still searching for the perfect audio widget also. Good providence, and let me know what you find.
    The Plowman

  25. Yes, all answers here in the support forums are specific. If you are looking for something for a self-hosted blog, you are in the wrong place. You need to be at, as covered in the sticky thread at the head of the forum called Read Me First.

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