How to make my blog load faster? Tips?

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    I recently downloaded Google Chrome and am using their “developer tools” to see how fast my new CSS edited website will load. Right now it is at a sluggish 16.77 seconds. I compared this to a relatively more complex looking website (lol…) Yahoo and their website comes in at 3.77 seconds. I know they probably use some nifty tricks to cut down on the time it takes to load their website with sprites and other things, but are there any tips to shorten the load time of my website?

    Also, does anybody know/think that my website will load faster after I purchase the CSS upgrade, I mean faster than ‘previewing’ it with the CSS editor?

    Thank you!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    No, messing with the CSS unless you really know what you’re doing, will probably slow down your blog rather than speed it up.

    Your pictures aren’t generally huge files, so that’s not a problem. Probably the best thing you could do is reduce the number of posts on teh front page to five or so. Staff say that number gives you the best balance of readership/clicks.



    Your site seemed to load OK for me. Firefox on mediocre DSL line

    General suggestions. Don’t have a pile of Posts on the opening page, don’t have big images use pictures that have been worked a bit to smaller or use a thumbnail that someone clicks on if they want to see more detail.



    I hate to share this lovely tool but I guess I can share.
    If you want to see the load times on EVERY single aspect of your website, checkout this:

    I have it set on your webpage, this biggest offender is a picture not hosted on WordPress…may consider moving it here.



    Now, that’s interesting. Here’s what it says about mine:

    Website information

    Total loading time:
    8.6 seconds
    Total objects:
    82 (1250.7 KB)
    External objects:
    79 (1120.2 KB)
    2 (129.9KB)
    CSS CSS:
    3 (19.1KB)
    Scripts Scripts:
    3 (8.5KB)
    Images Images:
    74 (1093.2KB)
    Plugins Plugins:
    Other Other:
    Redirected Redirected:

    RSS 0??????


    Heh! Bookmarked for future use. Thanks for posting the link to that tool.



    This post may be helpful > Strategies for reducing page loading time

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