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how to make my blog look like a literary journal..

  1. i am starting an online literary journal (i know, i know, the world really needs another one of those), and i have the editing skills for this endeavor, but i am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to actually post the material, and since it's a labor of love, i can't afford to pay someone to help me figure out this stuff. how would i post things so that each month can be its own link/page and the material would show up in one place, under one link/page, and not be all clumped together and look awful?
    if i made them individual posts, then wouldn't they look more like blog posts? ehhh, i know there's a way to do this, 'cause there are literary journals out there that use wordpress, and look awesome/organized.
    if anyone can help direct me to resources, or give me a pointer or two, i'd be much obliged. thanks, folks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'd suggest starting at the Theme Showcase to see what themes may suit your needs and I'd also suggest checking out the writing tag or literature tag to see what themes others are using.!/read/topic/writing/!/read/topics/

  3. thanks. :) i looked through the themes and searched the tags, but couldn't find anything regarding how to make the issues of the journal appear in one place.. do i make new pages for each issue? it confuses me greatly.. i appreciate your help though, thanks. :)

  4. You could pick a clean/minimal theme that supports using a Custom Menu, post your journal entries as Posts and Categorize/Tag them into "issues", then create a link to the specific Category/Issue in the Custom Menu navbar.

  5. thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! that is exactly what i had NO idea how to do. i really appreciate it.

  6. You're most welcome and good luck with your site!

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