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How to make my blog popular?

  1. How to make my blog popular? I am not a good writer. >_<

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Copyright? None of the content in the posts in your blog is original. It's all copied and pasted from other sites which are linked to in the posts. Unless your received written permission in advance form each copyright holder then the posts in your blog are all violating copyright. We can never ever just copy and paste entire articles belonging to others into our posts without permission from the copyright holders.
    See: and see

    Please see here >

  3. interact, get communicating with others who blog on similar topics.

  4. Even if you are not a "good writer," your writing skills will improve over time. Write about things you love, hate and current events. If you feel passionate about something that in itself will draw in-depth comments and inspire people to visit your blog more often. If you write about current events, that also appeals to people as well. Just some thoughts from me, but I blog simply because I like to write.

  5. Write good articles and/or post good pictures.

    Everything else is just trying to work around the above.

  6. The blog in question at the start of the thread no longer exists. Just for the record.

  7. lol.

  8. is no longer available.
    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

  9. Oh dear!

  10. i think be you is what i takes to be popular.

  11. ocdbloggergirl

    Get around and comment on other folk's blogs and maybe they'll like what you write too.

  12. nice question...i also want my blog to be popular since i signed up in wordpress just yesterday.

  13. Hello folks!
    The member who posted this thread no longer has the blog. If you click the link you will realize you are talking to yourselves ... LOL:D is no longer available.
    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

  14. Stealing content is a great way to be UNpopular. This is a perfect example.

  15. This made me laugh Raincoaster, only because I thought to myself, thre is no-one likely to steal my content anytime soon - I think I am safe! LOL

  16. It's hard to see the need to steal someone else's content.

  17. @dawtreader3 - I find the concept of stealing in any form difficult to comprehend - content just seems weird. Why?

  18. When bloggers are new some fail to that the law pertaining to copyright is the same in cyberspace as it is in the print world. Succinctly stated whether or not the author of any original digital work has posted a copyright notice on their site or the work itself is irrelevant. It does not change the fact that they hold the copyright to their works and it cannot be re-published unless or until their permission has been given.

    The only time a complete post can be legally re-published is when prior written permission has been received from the copyright holder. In other words, the same rules that apply to the world of print also apply in cyberspace.

    One can place copyright notices on their blog as I have done. One can create a copyright page on their blog as I have done and yet one can log-in and find their content has been stolen and posted on another blog thereby violating their copyright. That's what happened to me this morning.

    These are the entries has provided for our use >

    There are 14 posts my blog pertaining to copyright. Here is the link to one of them .>

    The ignorance and misinformation about copyright and fair use has escalated as the numbers of content thieves and e-beggars has dramatically increased. Bloggers are expected to be able to sort facts from fiction, so if you are a newcomer becoming familiar with copyright law is part of the territory.

  19. You will find that your words WILL be stolen, even if you think they're unique, odd, or boring enough to be immune. Thieves are primarily interested in keywords, so if you happen to use them, they will steal your content, put it on their own websites and plaster it with ads.


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