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How to make my blog private?

  1. I'm very new to WordPress and I'm not a computer person. However, I am trying to put together a Family History blog and would like for it to be private. I want only members of my family to be able to access it. I don't want them to be able to add to the blog, just look and comment.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hbingham,

    It's helpful if you post a link to your blog when you ask a question, so volunteers can be sure that you have a blog at wordpress.COM rather than somewhere else (like wordpress.ORG, for example). If you don't have a blog answers may not be relevant.

  3. Great. Glad it worked.

  4. Actually I can make it private so that only I can see but how do I invite others to view it?
    Sorry for the confusion.

  5. You add them as users in users > privacy, and then if they don't have a wordpress account, they will have to sign up for one but they do not have to sign up for a blog, just an account.

  6. Can I add a list of user emails and send the link or do they have to sign up and then I add their emails and add them to the user list? I have not seen that clarified.


  7. The only important thing is that they use the same email for your invitations and their signup. I don't believe the order makes any difference, but you can figure it out quickly by inviting someone you know isn't registered on

  8. Can I join this line of enquiry? I too am new to it all. I want my blog to be private and with username and password access. I know that it is possible to set up a facility to create usernames and to assign passwords to them (I have seen this set up in Can I do this in the wordpress hosted version and, if so, how do I do it? Many thanks.

    PS: I have tested the Invitees facility and think this is too messy (having to sign up to a WordPress account) for the people I want to involve in the blog.

  9. Many thanks for the prompt reply. As far as I can see, this assigns a single password to the post for all users to use. I didn't explain my requirement very clearly - i want to assign a separate password to each user and which they will use to access the entire blog. When they click on the url for the blog they will first get the wordpress log in page. Does that make sense?

  10. Then it is absolutely just as easy to have them make a WordPress account. It's one username, one password, one email, whether it works the way you ask or whether it works the way it does here. What you ask is doable at independent blogs because registering for the particular blog IS getting a user identity for that community, it's just that there's only one blog in it. Here, we already have a community, so they need to join it; that community is

    So, short answer is no. Long answer is no, but doing what you have to here to get this to work isn't really any more effort for your newbie users. I teach this stuff for a living, I know what I'm talking about; I deal with total beginners every day.

  11. And by the way, they don't have to log in at; in fact, they need never go there after their initial registration. They can log in from your blog if you use the Meta widget in the sidebar, or they can always log in by going to

  12. Many thanks, Raincoaster.

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