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how to make my sub-blog my signin name?

  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me figure this out!

    I had a blog "graceface". It was the only blog linked to my signin name "graceface." I created another blog "shiningeyes" but I guess I created it while I was logged in under my "graceface" login so it linked the new blog to the "graceface" signin. I really wanted "shiningeyes" to be my primary signin too though.

    Am I screwed now? :(

  2. No, you have two options.

    #1 you can create a new user ID (you will need a different email, though, so try Gmail) called shiningeyes and then have graceface make shiningeyes an admin of the shiningeyes blog, then have shiningeyes delete graceface from that blog. This gives you two separate blogs with completely separate user IDs.

    #2 this one is easier: just go to your Profile page, and down the list of things is "nickname" so put shiningeyes in there, then hit Save or Update or whatever the damn button says at the bottom of the page. Now, go back to that and below it has a drop-down menu to choose displayed name. Shiningeyes will now be one of those options, so select it, then hit Save again and everywhere you post you will show as shiningeyes instead of graceface. But you have to SIGN IN as graceface, and that name will still show in this forum and on your dashboard. But publically you'll be shiningeyes.

  3. Well, the first option didn't work for me... I imagine, because I already (stupidly) created the username by creating the blog.

    I did take advantage of your second option though. Ideally, I'd like my "sign in" name to be the same, but I guess that's just not meant to be.

    Thank you for your help, raincoaster! :)

  4. You're welcome.

    You should actually be able to do #1 whether or not the blog is created already.

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