How To Make Online WordPress Blog In the middle of the browser

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    Hi . . . Every Body

    I search for making a wordpress blog In the middle of the browser
    but all talking about adding a code to private wordpress blog
    is there is any solution for this problem for Online free WordPress blog (The theme that i use = Twenty Fourteen)

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you show me an example of what you are trying to do? I am not sure that I understand.



    Until the blog meets the Terms of Service I don’t see the point in answering these questions.

    Blogger initiated advertising is banned here.



    I am under the Terms of Service
    i just try to provide an initial template for my project manager , how things , logos and staff will work . . . i will not advertise . . . wordpress should be smart enough in monitoring blogs . . .



    Thanks for your replies . .
    my whole blog is going to left of the screen . after i start creating pages . . . and posts . . in the beginning , It was in the middle , now i don’t know what happen . . .is it possible to adjust the theme , without an upgrade and getting code access to adjust that . . . (I know how to do it be codes)



    Yeah, despite the appearance, I don’t see just having signs saying “your ads here” as being a TOS violation. Though it’s sure on the road to being one.



    It sounds like you need the custom design upgrade:



    Haaaaaaaaaaa (“I don’t see just having signs saying “your ads here”)
    It just an image my friend . . .

    Haaaaaaaaaaa ( it’s sure on the road to being one.)
    I don’t think so , I don’t think TOS . . include “If the blogger Have Intent to advertise , this is stupidity . . . ”

    Actually we sometimes use Free WordPress Blog to create an initial vision . . . so wordpress should understand that . . .

    Any Way . . . I make the blog public for this forum only . . to help me understand wordpress more deeply . . . Otherwise i will make it private . . .

    Any Way . . thank you . . .
    I wish ” there is no dangerous Steps ” from WordPress Against My Private Blog ” . . . . haaaaaaaa

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