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    Although I’ve found posting very easy on the “home page”, I’m looking how to make a chronological series of posts on a separate page.

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    The blog I need help with is


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    Please provide a link to your blog when asking a question in these forums, starting with:

    You get only one page for posting.

    In some themes it is possible to make a link to a category page so that readers will see a chronological pageful of posts on a topic of of your choice (provided those posts are assigned to that category). Many themes will display full posts, some only titles, or the first part of your post, and some will display excerpts.



    You can create sub pages that allow posts. Just check the box “allow comments” when creating them. You can edit the page from your dashboard to allow/disallow comments also after creating the page.

    You only get one main or front page to post on. But you can create sub pages that allow comments to be posted.


    @rossfromwash, the pages you create are not “blog” pages which is what the OP wants. They want what would amount to multiple posting (blog) pages, and we cannot have that here. Pages that we create are not dynamically updating, they are static and will only contain one entry. They cannot contain multiple post as the main blog page can.



    Mine do



    I meant to say that I use kubrick and I can post muliple comments on pages. You must not have checked my blog.


    Comments do not a post make.

    A page is simply what can be considered a single post in a way. In other words, you can open it and add stuff to it, but people cannot comment on individual sections of that page like they can if you actually use posts. All comment appear clear at the bottom of the page and appear as if they apply to the entire page.

    Think about this: Let’s say you start out with a page, and every day you open it and add 500 words to it (possibly on a variety of subjects. After a year you have over 180,000 words about all sorts of things, which is a very long document. Now let’s say that you have 1500 comments on that page. Now think about how far people would have to page down in order to make a comment. It becomes a quagmire for your readers. If I went to your blog and found you were posting stuff on a page made for static content, and it was pages and pages and pages long, I would likely not read any of it. It would be too confusing and time consuming and web surfers have very short attention spans.

    Is that really what you want your readers to have to do?

    Pages were designed for static material that seldom changes. Posts allow people to comment on the information IN THAT POST which makes things much more coherent and easier to follow for future visitors.

    Trying to turn a static page into a post page simply is not a good idea.


    And Ross, the stuff on your front page, Open topic….? Those aren’t pages. Those are posts. Pages are like the ones called Information, Blog Rules, Getting on the blog, Most funny posts, etc.

    You AREN’T posting to pages.



    @tsp – Most of his comments here are about comments, even if it means going o/t.


    Yes, I just had to clarify that he likely has a misunderstanding.


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    Yes, it is a misunderstanding about comments and posts. Different from the usual new-be misunderstanding about the difference between posts and pages. From his earliest input to the forums, he equates posts with comments (on pages). Think about it: a reader can post a comment, therefore a post is a comment. An unusual mind shift to make a blog into a sort of limited “forum.”



    Tess, there are so many ways for people to have misunderstandings with the jargon. I used to belong to a board where fully 1/4 of the people called their board posts “blogs.” Another 1/4 thought threads were called blogs. I think I was the only blogger there…. :)



    i’m rey

    my problem is “You are subscribed to this post”, but i can’t post it? always can’t displayed “See comment notification emails to unsubscribe. why is there any solution to this. please guide me




    Please do not hijack threads. This is a thread about how to make blog posts appear on a page, not the issue you appear to be having.

    Please start a new thread, and include a link to the blog you’re talking about, starting with http.



    Just go look at one of my pages listed on the upper right hand side of my front or post page. If you click on it and enter the page you will see a comments box at the bottom. My pages can have multiple coments.

    Blog Rules
    Getting on the blog
    Most Funny posts
    Links to other Sites

    Here is a link to my funniest comments page, not my actual post or front page:

    You will see multiple comments “posted” there. You can say that I cannot do this as many times as you like.
    But I’m doing it.



    Sorry, I also wanted to say that the help/ support info does agree with your comments, it does say you cannot “post” comments to pages.

    However I am using Kubrik and somehow I am posting multiple comments to pages. I do know the difference between pages, posts and comments.

    Just go look and see me doing it.



    If what the person wants is a 2nd “front” style page for posts that may be commented on, then you are completely correct and I apologize for my misunderstanding the question.

    When I read the question I took it to mean they wanted to “post” comments on a “page”. Which happens to be what I am doing.

    Sorry if my attempt to be helpful confused the issue.


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    “Sorry, I also wanted to say that the help/ support info does agree with your comments, it does say you cannot “post” comments to pages.”
    Support (and we volunteers) don’t say that readers cannot post comments to a page. Readers CAN comment on pages. In any theme here, readers can comment on pages, and you, the blog owner, can reply to their comments. As the blog owner, you can also make unlimited sub-pages, where your readers can comment about the sub-page, and you can reply to your readers.

    But readers can also comment on posts. And you can reply to your readers’ comments on those posts. In both cases you (the blog owner) can have a discussion with your readers.

    “Just go look and see me doing it.” Yes, you are indeed having discussions, comments, replies and so on.

    But you are missing a crucial difference between pages and posts (“”front” style page for posts”). You cannot add categories or tags to pages! It is the categories and tags that allow potential readers to find your blog by way of subjects they (and you) may be interested in. You can add categories and tags to your “front” page.

    All of your posts are called “Open Topic” with a date. But you have neglected to assign a category or tag to any of them. Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc. have no clue what your blog is about. You are ignoring a very powerful tool to attract new readers.

    “Sorry if my attempt to be helpful confused the issue.” Perhaps you confuse the issue, but perhaps you will learn as you go.



    First instead of just repeating the same old “you cant do this or that” How about thinking of a way to work around a problem or limitation?

    I could, by using the parent page feature create sub pages that would “mimic” chronological posts, or I could “post” comments on a page to mimic chronological posts, choice would depend on whether I wanted to allow comments or not.

    True its not exactly the same, but a simular effect could be realized. Help consists in more than just explaining what the terms mean and saying you cannot do what you would like to do.

    PS 1Tess, I did the open topic and no tags for a purpose. It was a chatroom stlye blog with 3-8 users “posting” comments in real time. Any topic was discussed and I had searches blocked so tags would have been useless. We did not want to show up on a google search at the time.

    Yes I’m off topic again!!!! But I have been cured of “posting” in this forum, so it wont happen again.
    Have fun “helping” people.



    It’s not necessary to post the same personal rant in multiple threads, and will only lead to ME reporting what the people who worked with you on the campaign said: that you’re poorly socialized, and they can’t take you ANYWHERE!

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