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How to make primary domain work and avoid error of too many domains

  1. I think I've worded that topic title terribly! But I'm not sure how else to say it... Here's the sitch:

    We have a new site at

    We purchased the domains AND

    We would like the PRIMARY domain to be ".net" (because that matches our corporate site, which is also .net). However, when I set it up that way, no one could access the site because they were getting an error that there were "too many redirects." To make the site accessible, I switched back to the wordpress domain as primary; but we'd really like to make the .net address primary.... without a redirect error!

    Any tips?? Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for a Staff response. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Thank you -- I appreciate that! Will do.

  4. Are you sure you purchased ? a whois does not show that as registered, also Domain Helper does not show any domain mapping in place for - both of which are needed for a domain name to work.

    What do you see at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades?

    Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History?

  5. Oh, how strange. I don't even totally understand what you're saying, but it does sound odd. Yep, we purchased it. In fact, if you go to, you'll land on our site. It's just that the url at the top will immediately then change to -- and we don't want that to happen. (We want viewers to see simply

    Here's what I see under "My Upgrades" -

    musing ( – Current Site)
    Product Subscription Status

    Domain Registered with
    Purchased by parnassusmusing
    Status: Active, Manual Renewal
    This upgrade will expire in 11 months on December 18, 2014
    USD per year

    Domain Registered with
    Purchased by parnassusmusing
    Status: Active, Manual Renewal
    This upgrade will expire in 11 months on December 18, 2014
    USD per year

  6. For starters one of the URL's you ask for help with: - does not work and is not the same as, which does work

    Looking at the URL that really is registered with Domain Helper shows

    Oops, No Primary Site Set

    There is no primary domain set for This means that although will forward to the site, will appear in the browser address bar. To learn more about setting a primary domain, please see our documentation.

    Please use the instructions below to fix the address showing with / in the browser address bar

    Also note that there is NO WWW in any WordPress.COM address - www is so old internet

  7. I'll look into that.

    Personally, I don't use "www" in communications -- as I am, indeed, super "new internet." But wanted to be extra clear here, as I was seeking help.

    But thanks for the tip.

  8. Ah!

    Such a simple fix... Turns out the "too many redirects" error happens pretty frequently after setting a primary domain from among multiple domains; and it's a local problem. That is, it's happening on the computers of those of us who are logged in and editing the site. Clearing the cache clears it right up.

    Hope that helps anyone else who might be having the same prob.


  9. You will be the last one to see the changes. Domain helper also showed that you had changed the name servers more than 72 hours ago and I forgot to warn you about the cache issue

    Glad things are working fine now -

  10. It looks like both of your domains - the .com and .net ones - are working now.

    You will see a "too many redirects" error, or something similar, any time you register and map a new domain or point your domain to a new hosting provider. This is because it can take up to 72 hours (although usually much less) for the domain changes to propagate across the internet. This is normal and happens for all hosting providers.

    Clearing your cache helps because your browser could be loading an old version of the page that was stored within the browser, or cached, and when you clear the cache you are forcing the browser to go out and find the page again and load a new version of the page into the cache.

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