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How to make text flow around or be adjacent to photo in posting?

  1. I was able to successfully upload a photo to be visible within a posting (e.g. it can be seen here:

    But, as you can see, the photo is above the text, not next to it. What html (or whatever) do I use to make the text flow around the picture, or be adjacent to it? I see it done on other blogs but I don't know the technique. Thanks.

    That is where you need to post.

  3. It was on my Todo for here - but I'd forgotten about the Todo :)

    So for the benefit of future readers of the thread:

  4. This is the best tips I have learned about WordPress today. Many Thanks, Podz.

  5. I'll second that. What an excellent pictorial how to description. Thumbs up!

  6. Cheers Podz! I knew it could be done with the text editor but I could never figure out how to do it with TinyMCE.


  7. Anyone got a method for the normal text editor? :)

  8. Yep. :)

    Want to know it? ;)

  9. Tease :)

    And you better not say "Switch to TinyMCE" :)

  10. My wife says that all the time!

    I hadn't even thought of saying "switch"!

    After you've inserted the image into the post, before the closing /> simply put in align="left" or align="right".

    This is exactly what TinyMCE does. Personally I recommend turning of the TinyMCE as I hate it and prefer seeing exactly what I'm typing. The other thing is that if you insert an image with TinyMCE it shows up in the write post screen and makes for more scrolling when trying to review the text before posting.

  11. Ah, ok. I though you were going to suggest the div tags that some themes like the Andreas ones support via built in CSS. That'll work as well.

    *sigh* Another reason to go back through and revisit all my old posts. :(

    Podz, if you see this, maybe it should be added to the FAQ?


  12. I see most things :)

    Added + credited.

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